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Barcelona Chair Replica

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Our Barcelona Chair replica, following Mies van der Rohe’s mid-century modern design. Featuring Italian Leather, Stainless Steel Frame, and 40 individual panels cut, welted and tufted by hand. Free Shipping to USA


About The Product

The Barcelona Chair originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the mid 19th century is the influence behind our state-of-the-art replica. We love the minimalist forms and exquisitely refined details of this iconic chair and tried to pay homage to the designer by achieving an extraordinary level of visual harmony using high quality materials.

  • Available in 100% Full Grain Premium-Italian Leather upholstery, exclusively hand-picked by expert mid-century craftsmen.
  • Cushion surface features individually cut and sewn leather panels for optimum detailing.
  • The Chair Cushions are made using High Density Foam.
  • Cushion foam is wrapped in Synthetic Silk underneath the leather upholstery to allow airflow.
  • Braided thread used with Lockstitch ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting.
  • Only replica in the US featuring seamless, smooth corners like the original.
  • Heavy Grade Leather saddle straps color-match the upholstery; both sides of the leather straps are finished for extra strength and longevity.
  • Frame is constructed from a superior grade single-piece stainless steel block for ultimate durability, stronger support and resistance to chipping, corrosion and rust;
  • Hand-buffed to a mirror like sheen.
  • Cushions strap in place using concealed buttons.
  • Dimensions and Specifications true to the original design.
  • Voted #1 in the US.


Julia from FIT

Whenever I have a project that requires high-quality mid-century modern furniture, I turn to Barcelona Designs with my eyes closed. It’s the only store I can trust their furniture matches the original design to the last detail in terms of materials, manufacturing process and specifications, to the point that it is almost impossible to notice the difference. Their Barcelona Chair is one of my go-to pieces! Its Italian leather and stainless steel frame are impossible to match!


Robert from PRATT Institute

I decided to use Barcelona Designs as the furniture dealer for all my interior design projects when I learned they welted and tufted all the 40 individual panels cut in their Barcelona Chairs by hand. This is a company that can look back on over 10 years of experience in the production of high-quality mid-century modern furniture and reproductions that are just like their original counterparts! Since then, I’ve never looked back and I’ve never been disappointed.


  • Overall Height:31″
  • Overall Width:30″
  • Overall Depth:30″
  • Seat Height:17″



Our Barcelona Chair is available in 100% Full Grain Italian Leather upholstery. Cushion surface features individually cut and sewn leather panels for optimum detailing and quality; full tufting of all appropriate seams.


Solid one piece Stainless Steel full welded Frame. Panels and Buttons are crafted from a single hide for optimum detailing and quality.


The Chair Cushions are made using High Density Foam. Braided thread used with Lockstitch ensures piping stays in place and seams are long lasting.

About the Designer

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The modern city, with its towers of glass and steel, can be at least in part attributed to the influence of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Equally significant, if smaller in scale, is Mies’ daring design of furniture, pieces that exhibit an unerring sense of proportion, as well as minimalist forms and exquisitely refined details. In fact, his chairs have been called architecture in miniature – exercises in structure and materials that achieve an extraordinary visual harmony as autonomous pieces and in relation to the interiors for which they were designed.

Mies van der Rohe began his career in architecture in Berlin, working as an architect first in the studio of Bruno Paul and then, like Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, for Peter Behrens. In 1927, a housing project called Weissenhof Siedlung in Stuttgart, Germany, would bring these names together again. Widely believed to be one of the most notable projects in the history of modern architecture, it includes buildings by Gropius, Corbu, Behrens, Mies and others.

Making The Decision

5 tips for taking excellent care of your Barcelona chair

The owner of a Barcelona chair must always be prepared to take care of it the proper way. It might be just a piece of furniture, but the people who really know anything about design understand that there’s always a need for these objects to be preserved in order for them to last longer.

If that’s too intense for you, then at least you can admit it’s a question of common sense. If you have a chair like that in your home, you clean it! At least once every two weeks. Take care of a Barcelona chair and we guarantee it will take care of you. More 

3 ways to include Barcelona Chair in a small apartment

The Barcelona chair is one of the most beloved objects to ever make an appearance in the world of home design. Created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929, this lounger was originally intended as a seating for Spanish Royalty.

Fast forward almost 90 years later and the Barcelona chair, rather than losing its appeal, has become one of the last enduring monoliths from the beginnings of the mid-century modernist period. It is probably one of the oldest surviving Bauhaus designs that you can still find as a brand new object in many houses today. more


What is the weight limit of the Barcelona Chair replica?

Our Barcelona Chair replica can withstand over 220 lbs easily.

What is the difference between aniline and italian leather?

Aniline Leather is of higher quality than Italian leather, it’s softer and glossier and better for home use furniture.

What are the dimensions of the seat cushion and the back cushion? 

The Barcelona Chair replica measurements are r 31.5 inches long, 32.3 inches wide and 31.9 inches tall. The Barcelona Chair seat height is 16.5 inches. The Barcelona Chair Ottoman measurements are 25.2 inches long by 22.8 inches wide and 15.7 tall.

How many leather straps are there on the back of the frame and the seat?

There are eight leather straps across the back of the seat of the Barcelona Chair replica.

What are the dimensions of the frame of the chair without the cushions?

The Dimensions of the Barcelona Chair without the cushions are 28 3/4 inches high, 29 1/4 inches wide, and 30 1/2 inches deep.

How are the cushions attached and are the straps made with genuine leather?

The back cushions of our Barcelona Chair replica are attached to the back straps by small leather straps with metal snaps. The seat cushions are attached to the bottom straps by small leather straps with small metal buckles.

Is there any assembly of the frame required?

The Barcelona Chair replica steel frame is made from one piece (both for ottoman and the Barcelona Chair replica) and doesn’t require any assembly. 

Are the straps also made with genuine leather?

Yes, The supporting straps are also made with the same leather as the Barcelona Chair replica.

What’s the difference from original?

None, we have learned how to replicate the manufacturing process with the same quality materials as the original. We just don’t charge you upselling brand prices.

What if my Barcelona Chair replica arrives damaged?

We recommend you inspect the package as soon as it reaches you before you sign for it. We take great care in ensuring our goods are packaged to avoid any damage. Yet, if the shipment appears damaged when it arrives, please refuse to accept delivery and notify us immediately at [email protected] We will work with you to ensure credit, return or replacement.

4 reviews for Barcelona Chair Replica

    Barcelona Chair Replica photo review
    Tam J.
    My Experience with Barcelona Designs on my purchase of 2 great high quality of Barcelona Chair replica was far beyond Excellent!! I'm definitely not an expert on mid-century furniture replicas and pricing, but the prices didn't seem bad at all. They have tons of pieces. I ended up purchasing a Barcelona chair replica for less than a thousand bucks. It was extremely affordable and all excellent quality.I went to visit some other furniture store before visiting the Barcelona Designs store...other stores have the Same Budget Friendly Prices BCN has. However they charge shipping costs though the amount is very economical, But Barcelona Designs gave me a FREE SHIPPING. It was a great deal from them and spent less than $2000 on 2 Barcelona lounge chair replicas with Shipping included. I'm very content with my Barcelona chair reproduction, I will definitely visit them in the future. Thank you for Being Loyal With your Furniture !!
    Barcelona Chair Replica photo review
    TONY T. Verified Purchase
    UPS delivered the package damaged. But under close inspection after opening the box there were no damage as the chair was wrapped well.
    Barcelona Chair Replica photo review
    Danusia G. Verified Purchase
    The Barcelona Chair arrived well packaged and fully assembled. I loved it the minute I set it down. As a creative who works from home, every piece in my small NYC apartment needs to inspire my imagination while serving a useful function. As "The Dude" says, "It tied the whole room together."
    Barcelona Chair Replica photo review
    Flavio A.
    It's rare when a copy of an iconic product is better than the original. :slightly_smiling_face: The frame on this Barcelona chair replica is polished welded stainless steel, is far superior to than the original Barcelona chair frame material which uses chrome-plated mild steel. The cushions are good quality, nicely finished, and the base looks so nice and is very sturdy, the same quality of leather selected for the official authorized Barcelona chairs. The seat and back straps are good quality. Overall, great Barcelona chair replica for the price. They arrived promptly and were easy to assemble. We have received lots of compliments on these chairs. Amazing value for the price!

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Customer reviews

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