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  • Dou you think that the  Barcelona Chair  is perfect? Do you think it should stay the way it is? Or doo you think it may receive some pump? While we think that the Barcelona Chair is perfect just the way it is, there are some people trying to find some breakthrough ways to appreciate and contemplate the  Barcelona Chair. This is the case of Mike Han and Lisa Sauve. Han and Lisa are pretty clever and renowned street artists that made a name rethinking lots of item's of the Mid Century

  • The Eames Lounge Chair represents a world of surprises to discover. It's a chair with a long, interesting, and deep history, which deserves to be disseminated and known because it represents a key milestone in the history of modern furniture design. After all, it's one of the pieces of furniture that has enjoyed an astonishingly wide dissemination platform and universal acclaim from specialist critics and general users. Not for nothing, it's part of permanent exhibitions around the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Art

  • The Eames Lounge Chair is world-renowned for its amazing attributes and wonderful technical features that have earned it enormous fame. From Hollywood celebrities to a large audience of middle-class people, everyone wants to include this model in their floor plan. However, as with many other resources, when you have an Eames Lounge Chair at home, you know that you have something very valuable and significant in your hands, but you don't know exactly the best way to take advantage of it and make it part of your spaces most appropriately and

  • Have you ever thought that many of those flagship products that earned great fame and worldwide attention and that you've probably also wished to have some time in your life have replicas on the market that are very affordable, true to the original design, and very convenient from every point of view? Indeed, the replica market has earned the respect and consideration of millions of users around the world because it's a source of achievable alternatives for many. In the world of interior design and décor, some fixtures such as the

  • Does Ludwig Mies van der Rohe thought of Feng Shui while he was designing the Brno House or the Barcelona Chair? Probably not. But is a very well know fact that van der Rohe demanded of a respectful integration Man&Nature in house architecture and interior design. Anyway, even when it comes to design styles like Mid Century Modern, and Industrial, many people  request for a integration of the technological elements with nature and ancestral wisdom, and Feng Shui has always something interesting to say. Let's take a look to some of

  • Much has been said over the decades about the Eames Lounge Chair and its magnificent features. It's undeniable that its technical and aesthetic features made it one of the iconic designs of the Mid-Century Modern style and it's also one of the most admired and coveted products within the world of the furniture industry for a long time. It's possible that everyone who has known this chair has ever dreamed of having it in their home or office. That desire translated into a market opportunity for companies that could offer similar

  • Eero Saarinen, Ludwig Mies vander Rohe, Charles & Roy Eames…This are the common names we use to hear when we talk about Mid Centuryu Modern, or Modernism. Certainly, those are among the greater names, but every movement has powerful forces, too, that make a great role pushing , creating and giving shape to that movement, and that is the case of Florence Knoll, a powerful force that was determinant for Mid Century Modern being like we all know today. Florence Schust was born in Saginaw, Michigan in 1917, daughter of a

  • The market of furniture in 2021 is characterized by variety of choices. Rounded, squared shapes; colored fabric pieces  living together with black sober leather classics. It’s a world where no trend has a special predominance, but there are niches  where every segment of the public has an opportunity to chose something of their own style. Nevertheless, there is an undisputable growing trend: People is living in smaller houses that the past generation, so they demand smaller furniture. The Barcelona Loveseat meet many expectations of the current demand of sofas: Elegant, sleek, with

  • Light and space are among the most important elements of Interior Design. Managing space and light are primordial tasks for an Interior Designer, since the consequences of a inadequate space or poor lighting are hard to correct. Light is not only a challenging element, but a fascinating world on its own. Lighting in Interior Design Some people see lighting more as a technical request  to facilitate the visualization of what is visible in our room. But beyond that, an Interior Designer must spent a significative time to figure it out how to

  • Do you consider yourself a demanding user? Are you one of those people who, before buying a product of any type, ask all kinds of questions, investigate everything they can about it and pay close attention to what other buyers think?  If you're a lover of the Mid-Century Modern style then you probably know that the Eames Lounge Chair is the type of product that people usually express themselves with great admiration, satisfaction, and even many are proud to have it in their home or office. The Eames Lounge Chair is designed

  • Get back to the principles is always a good idea. Interior Design has principles. They rule our practice and give us  guidance in times of trouble or tricky spaces. All spaces, whether small or large, formal or relaxed, simple or sophisticated, met these principles when there is a successful renovation. Principle Number One: Balance The main Principle in Interior Design, is almost inherent to any human activity. An even distribution of weight that enables something to remain steady and upright. In Interior Design, you talk generally about Symmetrical Balance, Asymmetrical Balance, and Radial Balance.  Balance has

  • A beautiful object by itself, there is not much need of décor or design tricks to make the Barcelona Chair look good and take the control of a living room. But there are some little tips that will allow you to get the most of your beloved chair. Let's see. Tips to make your Barcelona Chair Shine The Barcelona Chair may work as the ultimate reading spot. With a simple floor or reading lamp, the chair quickly becomes a stylish space.Better than one Barcelona Chair…Two Barcelona Chairs. They create a show-stopping style-statement.

  • Spring 2021 is here, and some trends that were promoted in the end of the year as unavoidable are consolidated, while others are fading away. Let's take a look at some of them, to see how it really turned out, so far this year. A new review of the current trends in Interior Design show us what trends are consolidating and what trends are fading in this new year. Some trends that we have watched during all 2020 seems to be very clear, according to several sources. Let's continue with our

  • With an Extra-Ordinary 90 % Off and even a Free Coat Rack,  don't miss the opportunity of bringing home the beauty and convenience of a piece of Mid Century Modern Style, like a Barcelona Ottoman.  Spring is here and there are fresh winds of optimism in the air. In Manhattan Home Design we are ready to help you with the best offers in Sofas, Chairs, Tables, and Storage solutions for your home and spread the message of a coming well-being era. The Barcelona Collection, with its Barcelona Ottoman, the Barcelona Chair, and the

  • Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and built between 1949 and 1941. The Farnsworth House is the classical example of Mid Century Modern style architecture. A Pilgrimage place for every person interested to see the concepts of the legendary architect taken to their best interpretation. That is the Farnsworth House, located in the city of Plano, Illinois along the bank of the Fox River. If you want to experience the beauty and functionality of the Barcelona Collection, don't miss the opportunity and go to Manhattan Home Design, the best Online

  • The coffee table is a standard piece of furniture today in almost any American or European home. But in spite of being considered today one of the most extended pieces of furniture, there is not a long account of the coffee table in history, until recent times.  The first references to the coffee table in history have to do with English sources in the Victorian era, where they first recorded the use of the term coffee table;  just in a different sense, referring to a big size table just made for