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  • Each room in the house requires different elements depending on the available space and needs. One of the most important things when creating a design is planning and filtering ideas before taking any movement or action.When we talk about rooms in houses, the living room is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind, because it is usually the largest area in the whole house and the one that requires the most dedication when designing or cleaning.This is the space where you surely spend the most time of the day

  • The Barcelona Daybed is an iconic piece made by one of the most recognized architectures in the mid-century modern style and it was very famous back in the days, and guess what? Still is!Acquiring an important piece of furniture such as the Barcelona daybed is a process that can turn easier if you planning and answer a couple of questions before deciding anything. Today we are going to help you with this process, take a look at the questions below, it will help you to not just acquiring the Barcelona daybed

  • How do you receive the fall season? The fall season is one of the neutral and pretty times of the year where you go for all the comfy clothes and cups of coffee to get in on the vibe this season carries. But that's not the only thing you can do! If you look around your neighborhood, you may notice that in the fall people tend to decorate the front of their houses.This year you may see more decorations than other years; a possible consequence of the quarantine that we all

  • If you like to convert your spare areas into multifunctional spaces, this article is for you!The closet can have more functions than you may think, so if you’re using it just to store your clothes you should stop this and take it a potential opportunity of additional space. It doesn’t matter if the closet is very tiny, even if it has a couple of meters of the size you can transform it into something that transcends storage concepts.Today we are going to show simple hacks for converting that plenty or

  • Sofas are the must-have pieces for any living room because they provide you space and comfort to sit while you are watching a movie, eating snacks, or simply welcoming your guests. Due to all this uses -not to mention all the gathering at home, etc- it’s very easy to find stains on it, right?If this is the case you are like most of the people, so try to not feel bad about it! Today we are going to show step by step how to clean an elegant and delicate leather

  • Is your room up to date with some of the 2020 trends? Or do you still have those old chairs that look a bit old and unkempt? If so, maybe it's time to give that environment a twist and create a new and improved space.Planning your home decor can be quite difficult if you don’t follow an order or steps.  Specialists have learned over the years that selecting a style and sticking to it or simply using it as a kind of muse is the most organized way to start

  • Halloween is coming! Halloween is the holiday we celebrate annually on October 31, this year will be celebrated on Saturday which means that is perfect to show your backyard’s decor, Barcelona table, or even garage’s decor with family and friends.History of Halloween celebrationThe Halloween tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, this festival was held to mark the end of the harvest season and winter or the beginning of the "darkest half" of the year, in this celebration people tended to light bonfires and wear costumes to protect yourself

  • The Barcelona chair and its amazing historyMies van der Rohe was a famous and special architect who form part of the world of architecture and furniture design 20th century. The Barcelona chair is may or may not his most famous furnishing creation. This iconic model was specially designed to intend for the Spanish royal family to rest their weary legs at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition.This model was inspired in the  “X” shapes of Egyptian folding chairs and Roman folding stools. An interesting fact about this is that the first model

  • Note: We recommend reading the previous or part I of the article on ideas to decorate your minimalist bedroom including a Barcelona chairNo matter what style you prefer, for years ago people loved it and still like the minimalist style. You can see the reason for this by reading the main features in the previous article that minimalism could even help with your mental health.Yes! As you read, science is involved in the aforementioned fact. The University of Southern California says cluttered places typically tend to increase stress levels and

  • The bedroom should be a safe place where you relax and feel comfy with all the elements which are included inside it, so it is normal to find that the Minimalistic style has been the favorite style to choose from memorial time.But, do you really understand the minimalism? Whenever a person reads this word could only imagine all-white space with few furnishing, but in fact, the minimalism transcends this preconception. This style is so much more than one color wall and furnishing, it’s about simplicity, functionality, harmony, adding personal touches like

  • White Barcelon Chairs (from behind)Mid-century movement and contributorsBefore dive into our protagonist of today: the Barcelona chair, it is appropriate to take this opportunity to talk about the interesting background that the modern movement of the mid-century has. Mid-century modernity is a very complete and large movement, encompassing areas such as graphic design, urban development, the product, and what is most important to us today; interior design.Mid-century modern has transcended over the years thanks to its authenticity. Today, people still adore including pieces like Barcelona chair into their design because

  • Designing a balanced interior design means finding from the perfect color palette for making a room looks beautiful and warm to finding the throw pillows to complement furnishing. It includes plenty of things and is essential to be aware of every detail.An example of this is the fact that is almost unbelievable how much window treatments influence the interior design of any room. Imagine how your living room - just for making an example- will look without shapes or curtains, it doesn't seem properly, right?The living room -and more these

  • These days, people are looking to rent houses with small living rooms.  COVID-19 or specifically the quarantine has changed the needs and the economy; forcing some people to switch to affordable places. These places typically have a small footprint that requires a bit of complex design planning.The decorating planning should provide efficient use of space that maximizes storage and increases the functionality of a room. This may or may not seem like an easy job, but don't worry! Here we present smart space-saving pieces that could make your space efficient

  • Photo by Vlada Karpovich from PexelsThis quarantine has brought us many different teachings and experiences. Some of them may be good and some of them may be bad, but one thing is for sure; working from home is definitely one of the good things.A recent flexjobs study showed that 65% of respondents are more productive working from home than in traditional offices. They explain that when you work remotely you have fewer distractions, fewer interruptions from colleagues, less stress from commuting, a quieter noise level, among other benefits.Considering this survey, you must think

  • The definition of luxury is "condition of abundance or great ease and comfort", taking this concept it is clear that everyone wants at least a little luxury in their environment, including mainly interior design.Believe it or not, adding luxurious elements to your living room, home office, bedroom, etc. It can enhance the whole atmosphere in that room by making you feel like you are in a small room at the Palms Hotel. These items are typically characterized by being elegant, sumptuous, and indulgent.Today we are going to talk about a

  • Before talking about models like Barcelona ottoman and others, let’s dive briefly into ottoman’s history.Why do we call them Ottoman?A bit of background about ottomansThe ottoman, a variation of a couch without a back, was first created to furnishing practices in the Ottoman Empire. An interesting fact about this piece is that it was designed for the first time as sectional furniture. The square shape and its measurements were thought to be covered by three walls. Years later they became smaller versions and were brought to Europe receiving the name