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  • When you have the opportunity to stylish your place for the first time (or restylish it after a long time); it sure gets exciting. The decisions we make are going to be with us, literally, for a long time. So, how it’s done?First of all, we must define what means furniture for us. By furniture, we talk about pieces that make functional the ordinary spaces of any home: Dining room, Bedroom, and of course Living Room. Pieces like tables and chairs, among others.To settle your priorities, you should think about the next points:Do you have kids?

  • And…No. We are not talking here about playing a Friday night cushion war. Instead, let´s talk about your living room, and how do you do get the most of it through different elements of decore, like the cushions, when your style is Modern Furniture.Should the cushions have to match each other?. That’s a question raised frequently by the owners of a Living Room of, let’s say, Mid Century Modern Style. The thing is: they don't have necessarily to match each other with the sofa, but they have to match

  • The Shell Chair is a Midcentury Modern chair recognized for its unconventional design that can be used in various ways, depending on the particular needs of each user and the spaces in which it's going to be placed. If there's an unused space in a living room or another type of room, this chair can be used to fill that void and can be placed as individual rest furniture or as part of a group of several of them to help fill a compartment. Placing several of them around a

  • The Mid-century furniture has been recognized especially for its simple but at the same time innovative designs, which marked a trend since its inception and remained in the popularity and taste of the public for many years. The Noguchi table is an iconic piece that belongs to this family and is also an example of how a well-designed piece can adapt to any type of decoration without losing its essence or its aesthetic potential.Source: Barcelona DesignsThe Noguchi coffee table has become so popular since its inception that until today is

  • Whether you work remotely or often take your work home (shame), you need a well-rounded, dedicated workspace. But, when you begin to set up your home office, it’s hard to identify what furniture you will need to get your home office up and running and work productively.We’ve come up with a complete yet efficient list of what you need in your home office, we strongly recommend you use our selection of mid-century modern furniture Best Sellers Office Chairs, we’re talking, of course, about our Eames Office Chairs.Use this checklist to

  • Buying a mid-century modern furniture masterpiece like our Barcelona Chair is similar to choosing a car. You have to take into consideration, your lifestyle and, of course, the time and money you’ll invest in this Chair.Our high-quality reproduction will change not only how you live right now but how your life is going to change in the near future. Naturally, no one can’t predict the future, but you can prepare ahead and make an educated purchase with these 4 unbeatable reasons to buy a Barcelona Chair. Reason #1: MaintenanceFirst things first:

  • With all of the technology we have, sometimes we forget the greatest resource we have to take us far away, teach us, ignite our imaginations and keep us company: reading.Mid-century modern chairs like the ones in our Barcelona Collection or in our Best Sellers make great reading chairs because most of them are soft, but still supportive and big enough to move around, but small enough to make you feel like you're surrounded. They come in all shapes and colors and textures and can fit in all different rooms.Here are

  • Interested in learning about the original designer of the Barcelona Collection?Whether you’re talking about your Barcelona Chair, its matching Barcelona Daybed, the amazing Barcelona Sofa, or the iconic Barcelona Table; we've assembled 3 highlights of the Barcelona Collection designer from mid-century modernist history for you to share!A German-American Modernist LeaderThe Barcelona Collection was originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1930. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is perhaps one of the most famous mid-century and modern architects and furniture designers.Originally from Germany, Mies van der

  • There are so many reasons we love our Barcelona Chair replica, we could write thousands of words about this masterpiece of mid-century modern furniture. Instead, we have decided to come up with just 3 brief but compelling reasons why the Barcelona Chair is so easy to love.3 Reasons Why You'll Love our Barcelona Chair in 2020!It Provides Good ComfortThe Barcelona chair looks supreme when it comes to the appearance and is also comfortable when you sit on it. You get an excellent cushion so that people who sit on the

  • Daybeds have experienced a great surge in popularity recently. They are particularly versatile because you can use them as a couch during the day and as a bed at night when it’s cleared of extra pillows.They’re truly lifesavers when someone needs to stay overnight in a hurry. Unlike a sofa or a couch, you can position daybeds almost anywhere in the room, not just against the wall.The Barcelona DaybedThe iconic Barcelona couch or Barcelona Daybed as it’s also known was originally designed by Mies van der Rohe. This big star

  • When it comes to Modern Furniture, one of the most repeated questions from someone interested to buy a sofa or a dining table, has to do with the quality of the furniture. How many years is going to last my new sofa? Is it really worth?This is an important question. A sofa, or a dining table, to mention some examples of furniture, are valuable investments.When it comes to replacement for wear and tear, a quality sofa should last at least 7 years, depending on the use, of course. But with proper care, this

  • A new year and new trends in 2020. As it happens always with every new year, some elements in Interior Design are in, and others are out. Does anyone remember the statuettes?But just like every year, the classic styles of design are still with us. Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian, and Country/Rustic are still the dominating forces that drive what we call now Modern Furniture.  And inside these forces there are pieces like the Tulip Table, that portrait very well the image of what we call Modernism.With its stylish silhouette,

  • The Woodrow Box sofa is one of the most comfortable designs you can discover in the market. Its American ash frame makes it pleasing to the eye and appropriate for any kind of decorative style. Its simple and geometric shape made it one iconic Mid-Century Modern sofa.An efficient sofa design should ideally meet the user's expectations, not only aesthetically, but also functionally. The characteristics of this model make it a piece of high aesthetic value, capable of embellishing any environment in which it's decided to place it, especially if it's

  • The Barcelona sofa is known for being one of the most iconic models of the Mid-Century Modern style. Not only is it a modern furniture piece that was innovative and revolutionary at the time, but its creator, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, would go down in history as one of the most important, representative and influential architects of modern architecture. In the first quarter of the century, the Barcelona Sofa appears as a symbol of all that innovation, presenting an elegant, functional, comfortable style, and with aesthetic features typical of

  • Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona Chair, Saarinen Ball Chair… Which mid-century modern chair are you? Take a seat for a little fun! Or even better, take a seat that has your name written all over it. For this article, we rounded up some of the most iconic chairs of mid-century modern design and the types of personalities that go along with each iconic chair.Just keep on reading, find your favorite mid-century modern chair and discover what that particular choice might tell you about yourself!Eames Lounge ChairIf your favorite chair is the

  • Designed by legendary twentieth-century architects and designers, Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames Lounge Chair instantly became a symbol of comfort. Like with many pieces in our Best Sellers and Barcelona Collection, there are many variations in the market. There are several colors and textures to choose from as well as materials.Even so, we want you, the vegan shopper, to also enjoy this classic furniture piece in your home with our vegan Eames Lounge Chair.A Vegan Eames Lounge Chair?Yes, you read that right. We have a vegan leather Eames Lounge Chairs