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  • From a prolific creator like Hans Wegner, we can expect all kind of chairs, just like the Shell Chair. We know that the Danish mater designed at least 300 chairs, thought only the half one went to production. So, there are a lot of models and experimental designs to surprise us and delight us, with the imagination and witty craftmanship of this artist.That is the case of the Valet Chair, a singular item of furniture that deserves some lines.The Valet ChairOne really original piece of furniture, a Valet Chair is

  • You probably know this already, but it never hurts to remember that the Eames Lounge Chair is way beyond most chairs of its kind. It even represents a stage in history and a style that to this day remains highly relevant and accepted in the world, both by professional interior designers and inexperienced users.Modernism came to radically transform many aspects of life, and furniture design was one of them. This masterpiece by Charles and Ray Eames is just one of the very relevant pieces that the public saw during those

  • Let's take a look on three chairs considered as standards of Mid Century Modern Style.The Lounge Chair, by Hans WegnerThere is a famous quote of Hans Wegner about chairs: "A chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all angles.” This statement is a constant in the work of Hans Wegner, creator of several of the most beautiful chairs in the world. And, just like it happens with the Shell Chair, the Lounge Chair is not the exception.The Lounge Chair is a gorgeous wood table (It's labeled

  • Many elements make up the décor of an environment, and all of them have undeniable importance, from the smallest to the most obvious. The color palette, the furniture selection, and even the shape of the additional decorative elements play a key role in the overall visual effect that occurs after the decorating process is complete.Especially attractive items can mean the difference between the original and the hackneyed. This is something that the Arco lamp's creators were very clear about when they presented it to the world in 1962. The Castiglioni

  • All an icon of modern design, the Barcelona Daybed is a must in every avant-garde, elegant space. With that sleek lines and hand-tufted cow cushions, the Barcelona Daybed has the virtue of making a big presence, without overcrowding your place.Looking for information on the web of the Barcelona Daybed, there is a lot you can find: The unavoidable offers and stores;  blogs from enthusiasts of the Daybed and Mid Century Modern;  architecture magazines, and even webpages dedicated to tracking the appearances of the Barcelona Daybed, and Mid Century Modern items

  • Continuing with the series of Hans Wegner chairs,  we are reviewing its most successful creations, like the Shell Chair. Now let's make some final comments about one of its most famous creations: the model called just "The Chair".As we discussed in the last article, at the time when "The Chair" was released, the Hansen house had only 30 employees, with a maximum output of 3 Chairs per day. The Hansen house and the very Hans Wegner were very thoughtful with the quality of their products, which require an artisanal approach

  • With a Extra Ordinary 10 % Off Site Wide, and even a Free Coat Rack,  don't miss the opportunity of bring home the beauty and convenience of a piece of Mid Century Modern Style, like aBarcelona Bench. It may sound like an old say, but if you want to start a new fresh year, nothing states it better than new furniture for a new place. In Manhattan Home Design we are ready to help you with the best offers in Sofas, Chairs, Tables, and Storage solutions for your home.The Barcelona Collection,

  • Not many interior designers or furniture connoisseurs may precisely recommend an Eames Lounge Chair to enjoy your outdoor spaces in a full, relaxing, and spectacular way. After all, the market is saturated with highly functional and less expensive pieces that can work very well in these types of environments; chairs that could even be more in line with certain architectural and decorating styles. However, practically no model of outdoor chair is going to give you the comfort, ergonomics, durability, and elegance that this masterpiece by Charles and Ray Eames can

  • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe made a great landmark in the history of Architecture andInterior Design, with master works that changed the landscape of Chicago and were praised all over the world. In memory of that legacy, the Mies van der Rohe Awards were created in 1987, to recognize outstanding contributions in the world of architecture.This prestigious prize is awarded biannually and is organized by the Mies van der Rohe Foundation and the European Union. Only this year, the competition received 449 works, completed between October 2018 and October 2020.

  • Maternity can be a really challenging time, but full of rewards. And it requires of all kinds of support measures to adequate your home to this precious new arrival.When people live in small places, one of the common arrangements is to transform your living room in a Nursery Room. Is obviously a temporal measure, but it can help you in a crucial period to find some comfort and space for daily routine needs. And the Womb Chair may help a lot in this Quest, just like some other Mid Century

  • We all know how elegant, sober and suave is a Barcelona Chair, and how it stands out over more conventional pieces of seating. But where resides that special thing that makes it unique?Its all about a letterTake a profile look at the Barcelona Chair, and you will see distinctive feature: Its "X" Stainless Steel chromed frame.  This is what makes it so different.The "X" frame of the Barcelona Chair takes the whole structure of the chair on its own. It projects refinement, relaxation, and a sense of comfortable movement.Where comes

  • If you want to start a fresh new year with a firm statement, nothing states it better than new furniture for a new place. In Barcelona Design we are ready to help you with the best offers in Sofas, Chairs, Tables, and Storage solutions for your home and home office.  A new start with classic pieces of design is a way to look forward with your feet firmly down to earth.The Barcelona Sofa is an irresistible offer, with an Extra Ordinary 75% Off. Don't miss the opportunity of bring home

  • The Eames Lounge Chair is a piece with an outstanding presence and an iconic power impossible to ignore. There's practically no modern environment that doesn't look great with one of these chairs within its layout. In that sense, its inclusion is truly recommended even for small and minimalist spaces.Many people choose the Mid-Century Modern style as the most feasible answer to the question of what's the trend that can look best in a reduced living room focused on the practical since most pieces of this style also follow the same

  • Back in 1929, when the Barcelona Chair, and the Barcelona Collection were introduced in the International Exposition of Barcelona, the landscape in Architecture and Interior Design was in the middle of some winds of change. Art Noveau and Modernism rise  against a world of classic rules that shape Architecture and Arts for many years. In that antique world, ornaments, beauty and luxury were the main purposes in any work of design.But  in 1929 (and 1928 too, with Le Corbusier) the Barcelona Chair portrayed some key features that made it a

  • One of the finest creators of the Mid Century Modern golden era, Eero Saarinen was a prolific and creative Architect and Designer who help to shape the landscape of modern America not only outdoors, but indoors. Interior Design celebrates him for works like the Tulip Table or the Womb Chair.Born in Finland, Eero Saarinen (1910-1961) is the son of Eliel Saarinen, a Finnish architect who took his family to the States in 1923, when Eero was thirteen. Once established in Michigan, Eliel developed an outstanding career as an Architect creating

  • "I want a chair that is a like a basket full of pillows…Something I can curl up in".What were the words of Florence Knoll, the legendary soul, and brain of Knoll design,  when she discussed with Eero Saarinen about their next great project? Those words stayed fixed in the mind of Eero, who recently had won the Museum of Art Organic Design competition in 1941.Invigorated, Saarinen cherished the idea of a chair whose comfort relied not on its pillows, but in its own structure, instead. It took some time, and