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  • Eames La Chaise, how do you pronounce that? Whether it is pronounced “chase”, “chez” or “shays” we are all about this functional and versatile mid-century modern masterpiece.We have always been a fan of the Eames La Chaise in terms of style and function, but we haven’t shared enough content about it. Trust us that once you have enjoyed lounging, reading, nap, or cuddle time in this chaise lounge chair, it is really hard to enjoy it anywhere else.We recently pulled together a mid-century modern lounge chairs roundup, however, due to

  • Choosing the right office chair is an important step when it comes to designing a new office design, but it’s equally important when you're choosing an office chair for your home. Your office chair can tremendously impact your state of mind and productivity in the workplace as well as in your home office. It doesn’t seem like much, but choosing the wrong office chair can result in detrimental consequences for you and your health. You will feel low, suffer all sorts of health issues, and take more days off work. You

  • When choosing a best-seller from our list, you might be confronted with a question: is this right for me? Is this the style I want or am I buying just because it looks pretty? Of course, we’re not saying that you can’t buying something purely because of its aesthetic value, but we like to believe that each best-seller has its own personality, so to speak. When you buy one of these items, you might be buying from a position of subjective appeal, that is, you’re buying something that speaks to you directly. Let’s look at the best

  • Today we’re going to examine the key features of the Barcelona Collection. Let’s talk a little about what makes these timeless items great: the Barcelona chair reproduction and its companions all have a distinct set of characteristics that make them different from the rest of the reproductions out there. You might not know exactly what these are, because for many people these replicas are very similar to the others that you can find online. However, this could not be farther from the truth: there are good reproductions and then there’s knock offs that don’t really pay homage

  • We believe that you don’t need a lot of reasons to buy an Eames office chair reproduction, these chairs practically sell themselves! However, we get it, you might be on the fence, you might have seen other replicas that cost a little less. There is a lot of reasons to deviate you from the purchase, but we are here to make the argument that, not only you should get yourself one of these chairs, you need to get one of these chairs from Barcelona Designs. Again, you can find them in many other places, but what makes

  • A very hard question: can we rank the Barcelona Collection’s items? They are all best-selling pieces of mid-century modern furniture, and most of them sale more or less at the same rate. However, we have to admit that there is some preference for some of these pieces, while other do tend to be left a little behind the scenes. All of them enjoy the same kind of market value, but some of them do sell more than the others. Barcelona Designs wants you to value all of them in the same way, but we could ask

  • The Barcelona Collection by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is one of the most iconic items in the mid-century modern roster. Comprised of eight items, you can find a wide variety of knockoffs and other similar pieces that resemble the original, but today it is very hard to find something that actually makes you surprised and happy. The original items of the Barcelona Collection might be very hard to replicate in accordance to the standards of the original, but here at Barcelona Designs we’ve made it our mission to create replicas that you can enjoy and that

  • The Barcelona collection of replicas can make any room in your home much better thanks to its elegant finishes and incredible style. The same style has been preserved since its invention, which coupled with advancements in manufacturing and material handling has given us incredible renditions that truly stand the test of time. The Barcelona Collection by Barcelona Designs pays much needed homage to the original items and will make you feel more at home than any other mid-century modern design could, except probably the Eames Lounge chair or any other of our high quality best-sellers. Let’s take

  • Eames La Chaise and Barcelona Daybed are two of our most popular mid-century modern design pieces, and today they’re going to help us illustrate the definition and differences of two lesser-known furniture pieces, the chaise, and the daybed.Why are we talking about this? Because we’re all about choosing the best furniture piece for lounging, sitting or even snoozing! In this blog article, we’ll clear up the confusion in these two terms. If you’re looking for an elegant, versatile piece of furniture to seat one or even two people, both of these

  • There’s a lot of reasons why you should get yourself and Eames office chair reproduction, and we’re going to look at some of the most prominent ones. You should always consider getting yourself a quality Eames office chair reproduction from Barcelona Designs because we are the only store that makes these chairs in the same way that the original manufacturers make them, only cheaper. What else can we tell you about our chairs? Let’s consider some reasons why you should get a Barcelona Designs’ certified Eames office chair reproduction.These reproductions are made with the same quality as

  • When you encounter the Womb Lounge chair with ottoman reproduction at Barcelona Designs, you might be thinking about getting yourself the classic red look or the light gray, more quiet look. Any of these chairs will get you a quality product that you can enjoy in your living room or bedroom, but you might want to figure out exactly which one you’re going to get before you buy. The red version is the most classic looking one, directly inspired by the original Womb chair created by Eero Saarinen. However, is it the right one for you? Let’s

  • Office Chairs are the last word in many people’s minds when they’re thinking about decorating their homes. But with the rise of remote workers and home offices, more and more people are considering incorporating some office furniture at home.Why not? While it's important that your home is a pleasing one to spend time in, when it comes to a place to work is equally important that the room provides function, ergonomics, and comfort. And of course, you also want to surround yourself with beautiful things so that you have a

  • We get this question a lot from customers that want to purchase one of our quality reproductions of the Eames office chair. Given that we have only four models, it can be quite simple to discern which of them is actually going to better for you. However, not many people feel this way, for some people it can be very daunting to choose from one of our mid-century reproductions of the Eames Office chair. How do you know you’re getting the one that’s best for you? Let’s attempt to answer that question in this post.First and

  • The Noguchi table is still as iconic today as it was 40, 50 or 60 years ago. Indeed, thanks to the work of retailers like Barcelona Designs, as well as the original sellers of the table, the work of Isamu Noguchi is becoming more popular, and the Noguchi table is making the rounds around the most elegant furniture stores in the world. The Noguchi table replica by Barcelona Designs is also one of the best-selling renditions of this beloved coffee table from the mid-century modern era.So, you might be wondering why exactly you should purchase one. We

  • We’ve written a lot about the Eames Office chairs in order to convince you that we have the best replicas in the market. These ubiquitous objects really provide your workspace with a timeless elegance that most people won’t be able to get from office chairs, or even other Eames Office chair replicas. Barcelona Designs is really concerned with making these replicas the best in the market, and we have being doing this for a very long time. Now, we have said a lot about their history, but we want to

  • According to many style and décor blogs, 2019 has been the year of bright colors, mainly in part because 2018 was the year of neutral palettes and austerity. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and you might be asking yourself: does mid-century modernist furniture have a place in brightly-colored rooms? The answer is, of course, a loud yes. Mid-century furniture can go well everywhere, the difference between it working and not working on a room has to do with you, most of the time.Bright colors are in