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  • Source: Barcelona DesignsCreated in the 1950s in the rise of the Mid Century Modern revolution, there is no doubt that the Eames Office Chairs are still considered as the best office chairs in the industry.Whether in its two models, “Ribbed” or “Softpad”, the Eames Office Chairs are a guarantee of exceptional design. Its lightweight base of stainless steel had set the standard for all the office chairs in the future, even today. The curvature of its back and headrest allows the proper rest of your body, to keep you

  • According to several respected sources, like the Milan Design Week 2019, the dominating trends in 2020 will have the Mid Century Modern Style, the marble as the material of choice, and the big plants as an element of decor, among others.Tulip Table with top of marble and surrounded by plantsThese trends can happily cross in different ways in our houses and spaces. The Tulip Table, one of the most iconic pieces of MCM resumes it in a great way.Created by one of the principal figures of the MCM

  • Sure, there is a wide range of furniture offers in our city, but if you are looking for the "best" office chairs in NY, the Eames office chairs collection, by Barcelona Designs, is a must.Comfortable, gorgeous, ergonomic. The Eames Chair collection has been one of the most powerful objects of design and décor since its release in 1945, and its exhibit in the best furniture stores around the world, both for office and home needs. The Eames Office RIbbed Executive ChairThe Eames Lounge Chair is available usually in the best furniture

  • Few pieces of furniture can be considered as versatile as a Barcelona Bench. A classic of Mid Century Modern period, it’s designed to satisfy the most diverse needs.Comfortable as a bed, with enough space as the best Sofa; and beautifully manufactured to fit in any space, the Barcelona Bench is like a joker in your sleeve. Source: Architectural Digest Who says a bench can’t make it in an elegant Living Room? A Barcelona Bench definitely fits perfectly.Elegant living room. the perfect addition of extra seats for your

  • We recently did an article on the Best-sellers and the office chairs, and the Barcelona Collection got a brief mention. However, only the Barcelona chair replica got featured. We were wondering how the items of the Barcelona collection can enrich your office space, so today we will dissect each item of the Barcelona collection in an office space, also talking about the relationship they could have with the four Eames office chairs. Let's begin!Barcelona chair replicaWe can see the Barcelona chair replica as one of the most bought items when

  • This article continues the question posed in a previous article about the best sellers and how they are used to furnish a home. We saw some examples of the two collections interacting, but we tended to leave out the Barcelona collection. Aesthetically, you can see that they belong together. There isn't really that much of a difference in style between the two, though the Barcelona collection precedes all of the best-sellers, being created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929.Let's look at the different ways in which each particular

  • When buying either one of these items you might feel compelled to compare them against each other. Even though they are distinctively differentiated, they are the two best-selling lounge chairs in the mid-century modern furniture landscape. Which one should you buy? Which one is the best for you? Deciding on an Eames lounge chair replica versus a Womb chair with ottoman replica can be very hard for some people, so let's look at each one and decide which is the best of the two.Eames Lounge chair replica with ottomanThe first

  • Today we are offering a special discount on the Barcelona Collection, and more specifically the Barcelona chair replica. We have already explained in previous articles how the Barcelona chair replica helps and upgrades your space, and also, how the Barcelona Collection can help your space in conjunction with other best-sellers from our best sellers collection. The discount we have today is another attempt at swaying you towards our beautiful and elegant replicas, which we make with the greatest pride and dedication.The Barcelona Collection is one of the best selling collections

  • We have done a lot of articles in the Eames Office chair replica department, and we were wondering what your thoughts were on combining the Eames Office chairs with other articles from our best-sellers collection. This would also include the Barcelona Collection, even though we consider it a separate collection from the best-sellers. We've reached out to our customers and asked them to write about their experiences with items from the best-sellers and Barcelona collections, as well as Eames Office chairs. These are some testimonies we gathered from people who

  • Is it possible to completely furnish a home just by using the best-sellers from our best selling line of products? We are talking about the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman, the Womb chair and ottoman, and the other items like the Arco Lamp replica, and even the Barcelona Collection, which we would rather leave it out of this discussions, since it could be very easy, in theory, to completely furnish a home with just items from the collection. Let's first see if the other items from our best-selling collection of

  • Eames La Chaise, how do you pronounce that? Whether it is pronounced “chase”, “chez” or “shays” we are all about this functional and versatile mid-century modern masterpiece.We have always been a fan of the Eames La Chaise in terms of style and function, but we haven’t shared enough content about it. Trust us that once you have enjoyed lounging, reading, nap, or cuddle time in this chaise lounge chair, it is really hard to enjoy it anywhere else.We recently pulled together a mid-century modern lounge chairs roundup, however, due to

  • Choosing the right office chair is an important step when it comes to designing a new office design, but it’s equally important when you're choosing an office chair for your home. Your office chair can tremendously impact your state of mind and productivity in the workplace as well as in your home office. It doesn’t seem like much, but choosing the wrong office chair can result in detrimental consequences for you and your health. You will feel low, suffer all sorts of health issues, and take more days off work. You

  • When choosing a best-seller from our list, you might be confronted with a question: is this right for me? Is this the style I want or am I buying just because it looks pretty? Of course, we’re not saying that you can’t buying something purely because of its aesthetic value, but we like to believe that each best-seller has its own personality, so to speak. When you buy one of these items, you might be buying from a position of subjective appeal, that is, you’re buying something that speaks to you directly. Let’s look at the best

  • Today we’re going to examine the key features of the Barcelona Collection. Let’s talk a little about what makes these timeless items great: the Barcelona chair reproduction and its companions all have a distinct set of characteristics that make them different from the rest of the reproductions out there. You might not know exactly what these are, because for many people these replicas are very similar to the others that you can find online. However, this could not be farther from the truth: there are good reproductions and then there’s knock offs that don’t really pay homage

  • We believe that you don’t need a lot of reasons to buy an Eames office chair reproduction, these chairs practically sell themselves! However, we get it, you might be on the fence, you might have seen other replicas that cost a little less. There is a lot of reasons to deviate you from the purchase, but we are here to make the argument that, not only you should get yourself one of these chairs, you need to get one of these chairs from Barcelona Designs. Again, you can find them in many other places, but what makes

  • A very hard question: can we rank the Barcelona Collection’s items? They are all best-selling pieces of mid-century modern furniture, and most of them sale more or less at the same rate. However, we have to admit that there is some preference for some of these pieces, while other do tend to be left a little behind the scenes. All of them enjoy the same kind of market value, but some of them do sell more than the others. Barcelona Designs wants you to value all of them in the same way, but we could ask