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  • Mid century modern buff? So are we! Today we’ll be discussing a Danish mid century modern masterpiece we’re sure you’ve surely spotted hundreds of times. Of course, we’re talking about no other than Hans J. Wegner’s Shell Chair. It’s architectural beauty makes it a statement worthy furniture piece in any space! Read on learn more!Brief HistoryEven if Danish architect Wegner designed hundreds of jaw-dropping mid century chairs, the most iconic one is, by far, the molded plywood Shell Chair, a.k.a. smiling chair due to its one-of-a-kind arch-shaped seat.Wegner debuted the

  • It's natural for any lover of interior design and decoration to feel a certain weakness for wood. After all, this material has had a very special role for a long time, thanks to its magnificent properties, the wide range of different types of wood that exist, its versatility, its resistance and also because it's material friendly with any decorative style, easy to handle and with a very particular aesthetic value. If you're also a lover of wooden furniture, surely a mid-century modern dresser is a perfect complement to your space.

  • Searching for bachelor pad decor ideas to make the most out of your pad? Planning to move into a bachelor pad for the first time ever and need help truly making it the home of your dreams? We can  help! For inspiration, we’ve come up with three upscale bachelor pad ideas, from industrial floors to exposed brick walls to Barcelona Chair replica. Perhaps now you can elevate your pad with ease! Source: FurnwiseIndustrial FloorsWho doesn’t like an industrial look in your bachelor pad? Since masculinity and industrial go hand in hand,

  • The appearance of the Finn Juhl sideboard in 1955 was an incentive and a source of inspiration for the mid-century modern models that were appearing at that time, especially since it was a change of direction about the style that this artist had been demonstrating in his previous works. The simplicity and functionality of this piece, made up of a figure defined by its straight lines, geometric proportions and very particular color management were some of its most acclaimed characteristics and part of the achievements that made it an iconic

  • Metals and glass have always been a powerful, compelling combination, a highly recurring aesthetic resource that has earned many admirers and has been used in countless item designs of all kinds, from tables, doors, windows, and shelves even furniture and fixtures such as lamps and ornaments. Of course, a mid-century modern coffee table is no exception. Many models of this style include these two materials as main components and are made for certain types of well-lit decorative environments, almost always with neutral colors and similar elements that make up the

  • Do you know the value of choosing iconic pieces to build your layout? When you add furniture pieces such as the Finn Juhl sideboard, you are choosing designs that have a very important added value, since they are famous because they made history, set trends, greatly influenced the work of other professional designers of their time and those that would come many years later, giving an example of avant-garde and innovation. The symbolic value of a piece of furniture in this category cannot be measured since it represents many

  • Is there anything better than being wrapped up by a cushy chair with your knees pulled up and wool softness all over? There’s not! That's something Florence Knoll perfectly knew when she requested brilliant designer Eero Saarinen to come up with a chair for her. The product of his master design skill was the innovative Womb Chair, which has quickly become a mid century modern design icon.Finish/American architect and designer Saarinen was able to create the womb shaped chair due to his collaboration with Charles Eames and their need to

  • The living room may be your favorite place in the whole house. Some living rooms are specially designed for peaceful coexistence, receiving visits, spending family moments daily, focused on hours of entertainment and recreation, and some even add a desk to be able to convert it into an eventual home office. It's natural that, whatever the focus of the decorative style is, the furniture selection matches the chosen style and the predominant color palette of the house. If you like modern styles, a mid-century modern sofa can become the star

  • When you build your office, whether in a dedicated setting or a space within your home, each item counts, in more ways than one. The Eames Office Chair is no exception. If there's something well known about furniture, it's that they are much more than mere props destined to fulfill a function that helps to solve a problem and make life easier. If this were the case, all the furniture pieces in the world would be exactly the same and fulfill the same functions, with a few minimal variations. Nothing

  • The Noguchi table can be the best setting for you to show off your most exotic and striking ornaments, as long as they're of a suitable size and don't weigh too much. The truth is that naturally, without any decoration, this piece is so aesthetic that it doesn't need any decoration or additive to shine with its own light, but you can get its maximum potential, both aesthetically and functionally, with the help of one or two ornaments, strategically arranged. If you are a lover of the simple, straightforward, and

  • It's not enough to have a well-designed bedroom, with a well-distributed space and the ideal choice of the most appropriate furniture to make it highly functional. It's equally important that you, the user, feel very comfortable in it, and feel that everything is in order, since your bedroom is your temple of rest, and that sacred place where all your regular days begin and end, so it's essential to make it the most pleasant and appropriate spot for resting. If you agree with this, you should know that a mid-century

  • Eero Saarinen, renowned architect of the 20th century, was the mastermind behind the Womb Chair. It was specifically designed for beloved friend Florence Knoll and was produced ever since 1948. And, Womb Chair reproductions are still being produced in the 21st century. It has timeless appeal! This mid century modern design icon was created for comfort.Source: ebarzaSearching for a classic mid century modern lounge chair to add to your living room, reading nook or den? You definitely can't go wrong with the womb shaped chair! Brief HistoryFlorence Knoll requested Eero Saarinen

  • You can always adapt the interior spaces of your house to the styles with which you feel most identified. This is precisely the point that makes interior design a fascinating activity, highly satisfying and also very beautiful. Imagine, for example, having a layout that's almost tailored to your tastes, your personality, and then you can add aesthetic elements such as the Arco lamp, which helps to further reinforce the value of your environment. Some details like that one and fresh ideas must be taken into account and kept in mind

  • Source: DecoistMid century mastermind architect and designer Eero Saarinen designed the timeless Womb Chair in 1948 due to Florence Knoll’s request. She asked him to come up with a chair “like a great big basket of pillows that I can curl up in.” And that's just what he did! He came up with an iconic piece with universal appeal that has grown into a recognizable addition to any home. Read on to find out why you should consider the womb shaped chair to furnish your home.ComfyThe anthropometry and body of

  • If you are one of the people who have ever experienced the desire to make your living room more than just a cute and comfortable place and have wanted to add an element of style, good taste, and meaning, it's always good to listen to a good recommendation. The Eames Lounge Chair is, in this sense, a safe bet, since it's such a famous design that it will automatically become a center of attraction for looks in your space. The robust and ergonomic chair, along with its ottoman, make up

  • The reasons why the Shell Chair had a positive impact, albeit late, are clear. Its innovative lines took the public of its time by surprise, who was too used to traditional designs. This piece featured challenging and original features, intended for an audience looking for something with unusual and outstanding characteristics. The low acceptance it had at its time is the main reason why this chair took so many years to achieve the popularity it deserved. Nevertheless, it's currently not only a highly requested chair model, present in almost any