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  • Beautiful, elegant and so comfortable, these are some of the words that come to our minds the moment we come across a Pelican Chair. How does this gorgeous creation by Finn Juhl pleases our senses and give us this impressive look?, let's dig in a little bit about it. A gorgeous abstract piece of design The Pelican Chair is a widely contoured accent chair supported by four slanted wood legs. Its continued shape and massive back and arms rest project a relaxed, comfortable feeling, in a very luxurious shape and materials. Though

  • The Peacock chair is one of the wooden Danish chairs with the most captivating design and today we will expose the history behind its particular name, characteristics, and affordable options to acquire it. But first, let's take a look at the interesting contributions of its iconic designer Hans Wegner, and how they led to this harmonious structure. The Hans Wegner contributions Hans J Wegner or as many know him “master of the chairs” has shown us throughout his career that functional and innovative furniture can be manufactured in the simplest way. His professional career

  • Understanding the Danish design relationship to coziness Danish design has topped the list of popular trends in 2021 according to blogs like Houzz and Apartment Therapy. For many of us -the interior decoration fans lovers- it seems like a predictable fact due to the exquisite finishes, shapes, and wood accents that characterize this captivating style. Although Danish furniture is widely adored today, it was not always like that. Hans J Wegner was one of the pioneers in exposing Danish design to the world and influencing the Scandi fundamentals that we know today. Showing not only

  • With its luxurious curves and comfortable texture, is hard to resist the temptation to sit on a Pelican Chair. This staple of design will enhance your living room without doubt, but as it happens with many masterpieces, you will get the most of this masterwork,  with just a few tips, based on what a good interior designer would say. A superb accent chair. As you sure have noticed already, the Pelican chair is not a conventional chair. It is big.  It challenges volume, with its contoured shape and usually with strong colors.

  • With its rounded, soft curves, and its comfortable texture, the Pelican Chair has earned a very distinguished place among design lovers. Nowadays. The Pelican Chair is considered today a collector piece for selected, large living rooms, but It wasn't always like that. As it happens with many masterworks ahead of its time, it received mixed-to strongly negative reviews in its early days of release. The Pelican Chair is a widely contoured accent chair supported by four slanted wood legs. Its continued shape and massive back and arms rest project a relaxed,

  • A high-quality replica means much more than you can imagine. Some products emulate original designs with such high fidelity and quality that they're equally admirable and valuable. This means an alternative for buyers, especially those who cannot afford to buy original pieces. To mention an example, if you're looking for a Wassily Leather Chair, one of the most popular seats within its style, reviewing everything that the replica can offer you could be the most convenient first step. The Wassily Chair replica by Barcelona Designs is technically and visually identical to the

  • If you are thinking to improve or renovate your room, the first thought that has to cross your mind is "Keep calm and watch". There are a lot of resources and actions to do, before going wildly shopping furniture or art wall. And the Barcelona Collection may help you.It's important to notice from the start what is the extent of your work: do you want just to improve, or you want to make a total shakeup? Depending of the case you can allocate your resources better. Let's see Case 1: Decluttering

  • Have you ever thought that many of those flagship products that earned great fame and worldwide attention and that you've probably also wished to have some time in your life have replicas on the market that are very affordable, true to the original design, and very convenient from every point of view? Indeed, the replica market has earned the respect and consideration of millions of users around the world because it's a source of achievable alternatives for many. In the world of interior design and décor, some fixtures such as the

  • Does Ludwig Mies van der Rohe thought of Feng Shui while he was designing the Brno House or the Barcelona Chair? Probably not. But is a very well know fact that van der Rohe demanded of a respectful integration Man&Nature in house architecture and interior design. Anyway, even when it comes to design styles like Mid Century Modern, and Industrial, many people  request for a integration of the technological elements with nature and ancestral wisdom, and Feng Shui has always something interesting to say. Let's take a look to some of

  • Eero Saarinen, Ludwig Mies vander Rohe

  • Get back to the principles is always a good idea. Interior Design has principles. They rule our practice and give us  guidance in times of trouble or tricky spaces. All spaces, whether small or large, formal or relaxed, simple or sophisticated, met these principles when there is a successful renovation. Principle Number One: Balance The main Principle in Interior Design, is almost inherent to any human activity. An even distribution of weight that enables something to remain steady and upright. In Interior Design, you talk generally about Symmetrical Balance, Asymmetrical Balance, and Radial Balance.  Balance has

  • Spring 2021 is here, and some trends that were promoted in the end of the year as unavoidable are consolidated, while others are fading away. Let's take a look at some of them, to see how it really turned out, so far this year. A new review of the current trends in Interior Design show us what trends are consolidating and what trends are fading in this new year. Some trends that we have watched during all 2020 seems to be very clear, according to several sources. Let's continue with our

  • Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and built between 1949 and 1941. The Farnsworth House is the classical example of Mid Century Modern style architecture. A Pilgrimage place for every person interested to see the concepts of the legendary architect taken to their best interpretation. That is the Farnsworth House, located in the city of Plano, Illinois along the bank of the Fox River. If you want to experience the beauty and functionality of the Barcelona Collection, don't miss the opportunity and go to Manhattan Home Design, the best Online

  • The coffee table is a standard piece of furniture today in almost any American or European home. But in spite of being considered today one of the most extended pieces of furniture, there is not a long account of the coffee table in history, until recent times.  The first references to the coffee table in history have to do with English sources in the Victorian era, where they first recorded the use of the term coffee table;  just in a different sense, referring to a big size table just made for

  • Classics options are always there for timeless design enthusiasts, as we can see with the Barcelona Sofa. But what are the features we like to see in trending sofas out there? What are we suppose to see? Nowadays the preference of the public for sofas keeps the prior features of 2020. Due to the  need for smaller, functional homes, demand is leaning to smaller sizes and models like loveseats. Rounded surfaces and materials like microfiber, canvas and velvet.  Round fever Rounded sofas are making it big.  This kind of sofas tend to be more

  • If you already have your interior design and décor project in mind and you know roughly what you're looking for and need, the process is probably much easier for you than you imagine, as long as you make the correct selection of furniture and accessories to equip your environments. Everyone wants comfortable compartments in which users can enjoy great ergonomics while being a reflection of the owner's personality. Achieving this balance is not always easy, especially if you're a demanding person. However, having important tools, such as an Arco lamp, can