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  • In this post we’ll be covering the three main Eames office chair replica offerings from Barcelona Designs: the Management Chair (Ribbed and Softpad), and the Executive chair (Softpad). Most people will be immediately drawn to the look-and-feel of the Eames Ribbed Management chair, but each of these options has its particular advantages and disadvantages in regards to the other two. Read on to find which one would be better suited for your personal office, your workspace, or your business needs.Eames Management Chair (Ribbed)The aluminum Executive Chair Replica is Barcelona Designs

  • American furniture designers Charles and Ray Eames created the Eames Aluminum Group of office chairs sometime in the late 50s. Those office designs were heavily marketed and sold throughout the 60s and 70s and are now a staple of office furniture everywhere in the world. One of their most successful items from the group is the ribbed office chair, which became the father of almost every ribbed task chair currently in production.The Eames Aluminum Group of office chairs will give any office a distinctive elegance and sophisticated quality that has

  • If you’re on the lookout for a good addition to your home, today is your lucky day. We’d like to talk to you about the Barcelona bench replica, a fundamental part of our famous Barcelona Collection. At only $949 (two seats), and $1,114 (three seats), we are offering a Barcelona bench replica that’s identical to the original design in a good variety of colors and configurations.Specifications and featuresJust like van der Rohe’s original Bauhaus-style creation, bench is crafted from Italian aniline and has a stainless steel frame that durably supports

  • The Barcelona Loveseat Replica is a modified version of one of the most beloved objects to ever make an appearance in the world of home design. Created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929, the Barcelona chair (which served as inspiration for it) was originally intended as a seating for Spanish Royalty.Fast forward almost 90 years later and the Barcelona chair (as well as the loveseat and the entire collection), rather than losing its appeal, has become one of the last enduring monoliths from the beginnings

  • Beloved by every mid-century modern enthusiast in the world, we’ve written a lot about what this ottoman means to us and what it means to interior design and modernism as a whole. Barcelona Designs is very proud of their Barcelona Ottoman Replica, so we have ranked the best facts about this iconic piece of furniture.1. It was a collaborative effortThe Barcelona Ottoman is also the brainchild of Mies van der Rohe and influential interior designer and architect Lilly Reich. In fact, most of Mies’ designs during the 1930s were made

  • We know that sofas don’t get much love from mid-century modern enthusiasts, but there a lot of great deals that could become excellent additions to your house or apartment, helping you keep that mid-century modernist look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.If you’re looking for a great replacement couch, however, why not consider the Barcelona Sofa replica? Even if you live completely by yourself and never have company over (which we certainly hope isn’t the case) you can purchase this great item to avoid getting tired of sitting on the same couch every time.The price and features

  • From our point of view, it is very hard to think about pushing the sale of a Barcelona table replica (they practically sell themselves). After all, anyone who has a hint of what actual design entails will appreciate it as a piece of furniture (and let’s not get started with fans of mid-century modern style!).However, we know that the table is not for everyone, and that people tend to wonder about the usability of the object itself. It looks gorgeous, yes, like a sculpture, but is it the right choice for my living room?

  • A coffee table is something that everyone should have on their living room. Some people buy sideboards, some people even buy nightstands and put them next to the couch, but none of them experience the comfort brought upon by a good coffee table, one that maximizes the use of space and also looks great.Most people that know a thing or two about home design, or just care about how their house look will buy a coffee table. But sometimes they won’t do it the right way, and this can translate into a variety of issues, lack of

  • Not everyday we get to discuss loveseats and their importance. They’re not couches, and they’re not exactly armchairs, but something in the middle. Their name has a particular connotation, but you don’t need to be in love to buy a loveseat, you just need to know what you’re buying. Barcelona Designs offers one of the best loveseats on the market: an integral part of the Barcelona Collection of replicas. Let’s take a look at it.What is a loveseat anyway?The idea of the loveseat is actually very old, and the first

  • For those of you who have just started to care about furniture, the idea of a daybed might seem a little off. It is not a couch, or an armchair, but it isn’t a bed either. You wouldn’t fall asleep on it, or would you? The daybed is a strange concept, but it can do wonders for your living space in you use it properly.According to Wikipedia, a daybed is a sort of couch where you can lie down but not necessarily for sleeping, hence the name. To explain the stylings of the daybed, we’re going

  • The Barcelona Bench replica follows the manufacturing specifications of the original down to the last detail: the result is a huge leather cushion, sustained firmly by a steel frame and leather straps, probably on a mansion of some kind, or a waiting lounge somewhere in the 20th floor of a skyscraper.What’s our point here? No, it’s not that the Barcelona bench is only for rich people (though some might argue just that), but that we already have a preconceived notion (usually in black leather) of what a Barcelona bench is and where it can be, but the

  • The Barcelona Ottoman replica is an item that most people consider when buying the Barcelona chair replica. The ottoman is usually not advertised as much as the chair itself, in dire contrast to the other items in the Barcelona Collection of replica.However, who doesn’t love an ottoman? If you have the ability to comfortably rest your feet while simultaneously keeping your back straight on a good lounger, you know you’ll do it. The ergonomic feeling that we get from putting our feet up is completely different to the one we get when we keep

  • The Barcelona 3-seater couch is a modern addition to the Barcelona Collection. Let’s dive a little bit into the history of the Barcelona collection, the 3-seater Barcelona couch, and furniture replicas to see why you should acquire one.The Barcelona collectionThe Barcelona Collection consists of the Barcelona chair replica, the Barcelona Ottoman replica, the Barcelona Bench replica, the Barcelona Daybed replica, and the Barcelona Table replica. More recently, mid-century modern furniture manufacturers have included two more products: The Barcelona Loveseat replica, and the Barcelona sofa replica.These last two products are simply larger versions of the Barcelona chair replica. The

  • Though many people think that this type of furniture is subject to various industrial processes, but the truth is that craftsmanship is still the way to go. In the case of the gorgeous Barcelona chair, it’s an integral part of the manufacturing scheme, one that’s not likely to go away any time soon.The Barcelona chair has not made any headlines recently, except for the ones that we might put out ourselves. It’s great appeal, however, has remained largely unchanged. One can only imagine that part of its success has to do with mastery of technique and the perpetuation

  • The owner of a Barcelona chair must always be prepared to take care of it the proper way. It might be just a piece of furniture, but the people who really know anything about design understand that there’s always a need for these objects to be preserved in order for them to last longer.If that’s too intense for you, then at least you can admit it’s a question of common sense. If you have a chair like that in your home, you clean it! At least once every two weeks. Take care of a Barcelona chair and

  • A daybed can be a very versatile and fun item to do interior design with if you want to add accent and style to your living room without much hassle. It is also one of the furniture items that seems specifically aimed at living rooms per se, even though there are a lot of daybeds that were created to be used outdoors. Daybeds are still a big mystery for a lot of people, so how can you make the best of the one you already have or place a new one around your space? Let’s find