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  • The Peacock chair is one of the wooden Danish chairs with the most captivating design and today we will expose the history behind its particular name, characteristics, and affordable options to acquire it. But first, let's take a look at the interesting contributions of its iconic designer Hans Wegner, and how they led to this harmonious structure. The Hans Wegner contributions Hans J Wegner or as many know him “master of the chairs” has shown us throughout his career that functional and innovative furniture can be manufactured in the simplest way. His professional career

  • Understanding the Danish design relationship to coziness Danish design has topped the list of popular trends in 2021 according to blogs like Houzz and Apartment Therapy. For many of us -the interior decoration fans lovers- it seems like a predictable fact due to the exquisite finishes, shapes, and wood accents that characterize this captivating style. Although Danish furniture is widely adored today, it was not always like that. Hans J Wegner was one of the pioneers in exposing Danish design to the world and influencing the Scandi fundamentals that we know today. Showing not only

  • The originality of decor can be achieved through various tools, and visual dynamism is one of them. It's just one of the aspects that will probably go unnoticed by professional decorators and fans of interior design, or that will probably lose importance compared to other more obvious aspects. Some objects such as the Arco lamp are designed to function as a great source of support in that purpose of achieving adequate visual dynamism, not only because they can help achieve balanced and more complete lighting, but also help to improve

  • Mid century modern is a hot trend right now. From furniture to interiors to lighling to architecture to design to art, the mid century modern style is having a tremendous influence. The term is being used a lot nowadays!  The demand for new items inspired by designs from the past or original items has exploded thanks to the increasing popularity. But what is mid century modern and what decor pieces truly showcase this style? Reflecting a futuristic approach to design, mid century modern originated in the decade of the 40s and 50s

  • Even though the living room generally has a special role when you're generating the first ideas to design an interior space, the truth is that the dining room also has a very important place for this purpose, and some iconic fixtures such as the Arco lamp have a very appropriate design for this type of spaces. Certainly, the dining room could be considered the soberest and most elegant area of any house, considering that it's the place where often friends or family are welcomed to whom we want to offer

  • Trying to decorate your living room but are on a tight budget? Today’s blog post will surely come in handy! We'll be discussing brilliant designer tips to help you cut costs, while enhancing your living space’s style. We live hard in our living spaces!  It’s where we entertain, relax, read, watch TV, drink wine at night and coffee in the morning. It’s where we shamelessly stay up all night bingeing on sitcoms and eating dinner on a tray.  So, if you're designing a new living space and you have a pinched

  • The living room is the cover letter of any house and any decorative style. It's almost always responsible for generating the first impression on visitors and also represents the first mouthpiece about the lifestyle of its inhabitants: their tastes, preferences, and the use they make of the spaces. Choosing a floor lamp of great fame and recognition as the Arco lamp is a safe bet in terms of style and modernity since it's a timeless design that will never go out of fashion and won't fail to be original and

  • Hans J Wegner´s Shell Chair is, hands down, the most intriguing Danish furniture design of the 20th century. Since its appeal is certainly not trivial, it's perhaps why the three legged chair chair was not an immediate commercial success story. It took people nearly 35 years to fully appreciate the extraordinary chair’s unconventional form. Story  Legendary Danish Modernism figure Hans J. Wegner was a renowned furniture designer, who was passionate about chairs, earning “the Master of the Chair” nickname. Wegner is responsible for over 500 chair designs, most of them were mass

  • In the world of decoration and interior design, some recipes and pieces are a sure bet for success, and in the case of the Arco lamp, this is no different. It's no coincidence that more than fifty years after being introduced to the market in 1962, this lamp remains an icon in the Mid-Century Modern catalog and one of the most famous designs ever created. Although some people consider it a bit of a "cliche" due to its immense popularity, this has not meant a pejorative label, as its impressiveness

  • Finnish born industrial designer and architect noted for his Organic Modernist style Eero Saarinen is the mind behind the iconic chair shaped like a womb designed in 1946. A mid century modern masterpiece! Even if it originated over seven decades ago, the Womb Chair’s enveloping sculptural expression keeps being the most recognized representations of the Organic Modernist movement and Saarinen’s legacy according to Architectural Digest. Sadly,  the chair’s designer status hampers mid century modern decor style lovers from purchasing it due to their limited budgets. This is where reproductions come in

  • It's not necessary to wait until Christmas to make important purchases, especially if they have to do with improving the appearance and functionality of the environment in which you live your daily routine. If you have signed the Arco lamp among your wishes for this year, you should take the time and attention to get to know this wonderful work of design more closely, which has become a legend over the years. New ideas are always welcome, but you need to closely evaluate each and apply them wisely to get

  • Flip through the pages of a popular magazine like Elle Decor, what do you see? Stylish homes all over the world featuring mid century modern furniture, from mid century modern dining chairs to mid century modern lounge chairs.  Mid century modern has supremely reigned as the most requested, identifiable and notable design styles ever since the turn of the millennium. The globe’s obsessed with it!  In fact, there's a pretty good chance you'll be seated in a chair that was designed in the decade of the 50s if you dine in a

  • Imagine a comfy chair you could cuddle into, as if you were sinking into a pile of pillows? Believe it or not… That magnificent piece already exists! It’s known as the Womb Chair, mimicking the cosseting of a womb. This lounge chair was designed by mastermind Eero Saarinen in the mid century era.  In fact, Saarinen came up with the expressive  sculptural form of this groundbreaking chair due to his friend Florence Knoll’s request. She asked the renowned Finnish/American designer and architect to create a chair “like a great big basket

  • We are almost in the first half of the year 2020, and in spite of everything that has happened, the world must continue on. And some refreshing changes are coming. 2020 is without a doubt a year with big changes for everybody. The big impact of the year COVID 19 will be seeing in the world of Interior Design, too. Before the apparition of COVID 19 in march (BC19), these were, more than less, the major trends in home designing: Womb Chair Replica Big plants in all rooms and more natural materials in

  • You may not notice it, but the influence of L. Mies van der Rohe is all over the place. Maybe, all you have to do is look around near the downtown of your city. Sky-crappers and modern buildings today are a very familiar landscape in many cities around the world, but at the beginnings of the XXth Century, this often squared, sharp buildings, were a completely radical change of the urban views. And changes were great outdoors, but indoors, too. The minimalist, ornament free movement developed by van der Rohe, Le

  • In Interior Design, balance is one of the magic words. It's a game of opposites where trends and elements play with each other without overcoming each other. As a trend, Traditional is a major force in interior design, and it keeps very popular, Country, rustic styles will always have a place in many homes. Wood, cream, beige colors, rounded shapes, drapes, and curtains, ornaments. A contemporary/modern trend, such as Mid Century Modern, will always have the charm of the "modern" adjective and a renovation and evolving design surrounding. .The traditional house features Wood, cream,