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  • Trends come and go as usual, and this 2022, some that stayed with us for years, are no longer desired or useful. We are all getting out of the pandemic lockdowns and transit restrictions, and while  we are trying to start in a new normal way,  we will drop some habits and take other ones. When it comes to your house interior design, take a look at what's off, and trust in Barcelona Designs as your partner to take your spaces at the top of the trends. And say good bye to… Open

  • Barcelona Designs has always been associated with renditions of great quality when it comes to Mid Century Modern masterpieces. And our Lounge Chairs collection is  the best in the market for trendy, smart spaces. Give your Living room the final touch with a Lounge Chair Masterpiece Choosing the right lounge chair you can shift your space to the next level. It will bring not only beauty and comfort to your living, but character, too, and it can become the favorite spot of your home. Barcelona Designs has a great collection for the

  • Is not too hard to perceive that Boho design keeps being trendy as the years pass, in fact, is quite simple. I don’t about you but if you are a loyal follower of some interior designers or even artists, you will see very notable influences of Boho in their environments. Is very recurrent to see that neutral and calm vibe that only real boho design knows how to reach. To keep supporting this trend and the lovers of it, we have decided to show two of the greatest sofas to achieve

  • If we have learned anything about the fundamentals to get incredible in interior design, it is that lighting is the key to achieving an impeccable design. Lighting plays an extremely important role in any interior decoration. To explain this further, imagine having a living room or kitchen with poor lighting. Tasks that require some concentration or focus will become tedious and inefficient. On the other hand, when our layout is well lit, the space looks spacious, clean, and impeccable. For this reason today we want to show you our variety of

  • Get to know all the features of the Le Corbusier sofa, one of our most wanted sofa reproductions. Before getting deeper into the Le Corbusier sofa’s features, we truly believe that is important for you to know the designer of this original model. Since we not only want you to give a Christmas present to furnish a house but also to give them a gift with a historical value. To achieve this is crucial to be aware of the history and the process that the designer passed to create the iconic

  • Black Friday is just days away and at Barcelona Designs, we are making sure to offer you a discount on the most iconic pieces in our store. Without a doubt, the Egg chair had to be part of this discount collection. Our Egg chair replica perfectly simulates the technique used by the designer of the original piece; Arne Jacobsen. This technique uses an inner layer of strong foam under the upholstery resulting in a timeless chair that invites you to live an exclusive experience. The Egg chair is undoubtedly a balanced combination

  • If there is one thing the Danes have shown they can master, it is the art of wood modeling. Hans Wegner, one of the most renowned Danish designers in the furniture industry, has designed more than 500 chairs throughout his career. However, perhaps one of the pieces with which he has most delighted his public is the famous Wishbone chair. Although the Wishbone chair was designed in the '50s, this beautiful piece of wood continues to mesmerize the public with its clean lines, light appearance, and size adaptable to almost any

  • It's Palm Springs. It's an old low-slung, red tile roofed Spanish Style property. There is Architectural Digest, too, taking notice of everything. And at the center of the living room, there is a Pelican Chair to bring class, beauty, and relaxation to this distinguished space. Let's see. Jim John and his husband Craig Hartzman are the happy owners of a 5,000 square foot residence, located at the foothills of the San Jacinto mountains. A 1929 home rebuilt with a sense of taste and with a refreshing approach to keeping its original

  • What generation do you belong to? The over-conscious Generation X? Generation Z? the digital native Millenial? If you are at least from Generation X  you are very familiar with the animated series Pokemon. Satoshi Tajiri, who created the animated creatures for a video game in 1995, never thought it would become that big. In this article by Surface, a Design magazine,  high design objects are morphologically compared to several of the fantastical creatures that inhabit this famous TV series. And the Finn Juhl Pelican Chair is there, of course. Pelican Chair The Finn

  • What we call a classic in furniture and interior designs are pieces that not only pass the test of time in sales but keep gaining momentum and appreciation with every new generation. That is the case with the Pelican Chair, by Finn Juhl. This is the way is considered globally, as we see in news websites around the world. This time is a Philippine newspaper, the Manila Bulletin, that makes a brief note about an online auction in these very pandemic times, where the Pelican Chair has a prominent place. Even in

  • Circle Chair Having a baby is perhaps one of the most beautiful stages of any parent. In this chapter there are multiple responsibilities and new needs; among them the furnishing of the interior of your house.  So, if you are thinking that maybe this is not your case, think for a moment about that possible glass table with a sharp edge that you bought a while ago, or the chair with frames of unknown material

  • Beautiful, elegant and so comfortable, these are some of the words that come to our minds the moment we come across a Pelican Chair. How does this gorgeous creation by Finn Juhl pleases our senses and give us this impressive look?, let's dig in a little bit about it. A gorgeous abstract piece of design The Pelican Chair is a widely contoured accent chair supported by four slanted wood legs. Its continued shape and massive back and arms rest project a relaxed, comfortable feeling, in a very luxurious shape and materials. Though

  • The Peacock chair is one of the wooden Danish chairs with the most captivating design and today we will expose the history behind its particular name, characteristics, and affordable options to acquire it. But first, let's take a look at the interesting contributions of its iconic designer Hans Wegner, and how they led to this harmonious structure. The Hans Wegner contributions Hans J Wegner or as many know him “master of the chairs” has shown us throughout his career that functional and innovative furniture can be manufactured in the simplest way. His professional career

  • Understanding the Danish design relationship to coziness Danish design has topped the list of popular trends in 2021 according to blogs like Houzz and Apartment Therapy. For many of us -the interior decoration fans lovers- it seems like a predictable fact due to the exquisite finishes, shapes, and wood accents that characterize this captivating style. Although Danish furniture is widely adored today, it was not always like that. Hans J Wegner was one of the pioneers in exposing Danish design to the world and influencing the Scandi fundamentals that we know today. Showing not only

  • With its luxurious curves and comfortable texture, is hard to resist the temptation to sit on a Pelican Chair. This staple of design will enhance your living room without doubt, but as it happens with many masterpieces, you will get the most of this masterwork,  with just a few tips, based on what a good interior designer would say. A superb accent chair. As you sure have noticed already, the Pelican chair is not a conventional chair. It is big.  It challenges volume, with its contoured shape and usually with strong colors.

  • With its rounded, soft curves, and its comfortable texture, the Pelican Chair has earned a very distinguished place among design lovers. Nowadays. The Pelican Chair is considered today a collector piece for selected, large living rooms, but It wasn't always like that. As it happens with many masterworks ahead of its time, it received mixed-to strongly negative reviews in its early days of release. The Pelican Chair is a widely contoured accent chair supported by four slanted wood legs. Its continued shape and massive back and arms rest project a relaxed,