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The Womb chair is one of the most iconic designs by Finnish-American national Eero Saarinen, born in 1910. The chair came to life in 1943, and has been used in a huge number of movies and science-fiction settings. Some people consider it to be a pinnacle of design from the mid-century modern period. Others consider it to be nothing but a commercially successful design proposal. At Barcelona Designs, we consider it one of the best items you could put in your home: forget about people’s opinions, the Womb chair replica is one of the most recognizable and best-selling items from the mid-century modern period.

Womb Chair Replica

Saarinen’s work extends beyond the Tulip tables (another set of timeless icons) and other contenders of the era, such as the Eames Lounge chair or the Barcelona Collection. Just like the Castiglioni brothers became inspired by a streetlight to create the Arco Lamp, Saarinen drew inspiration from abstract ideas, as well as the things around him.

He was primarily a famous architect, and he designed a wide number of buildings across America, but we mainly know him as the creator of this and other iconic pieces such as the aforementioned Tulip Tables and chairs. Both pieces of furniture imitate the objects that give them their name. The Tulip tables pay homage to the very iconic flower from Scandinavia in Europe, and the Womb chair, in Saarinen’s own words, wants to make people feel a kind of comfort that can only be found in a mother’s womb, before we are even born!

Famous sightings of the Womb chair

The romance comedy “The Moon Is Blue,” directed by Otto Preminger and released in 1953, brought one of the first reproductions of the chair to the big screen, we don’t know exactly what color (Since the movie is in black and white) but we can assume that it was Saarinen’s signature red fabric finish. The chair was also a part of a rosy apartment in “Down With Love” in 2003, another romance comedy starring Renée Zellweger.

Besides appearing on these particular films (where it was heavily featured), the chair has made countless other appearances on TV shows and movies. Its popularity has also led to huge sales, and many Americans currently own a reproduction without knowing its true worth. However, most of the people who buy it recognize the elegance, timelessness, and comfort that they are getting.

Where can I get a great Womb chair replica?

The average price for an original Womb chair (the one sold by the company that Saarinen worked for in the 60s) is currently around $6,000. For true-to-design specifications and maximum comfort you can turn to places like Barcelona Designs. You can see that we make a reproduction that is completely true to the specifications of the original, down to the last detail. We also offer you a great price, currently at $1,449. That’s almost 75% off the asking price!

Here’s how we know our replicas are good: A great Womb chair reproduction should be made of high-grade upholstered fiberglass, as per the original creation by Eero Saarinen. The upholstery can be either synthetic fabric or leather, as long as the cushions and finishing match the original design’s placement, size, and finish. We prefer to offer you a fabric finish, as leather models don’t really derive from the original: they are usually made that companies that don’t pay attention to the details and just want to make a quick buck by offering something that’s a little bit different from the design. Last but not least, our Womb chair comes with the iconic ottoman!