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Arco lamp is a luxurious masterpiece designed in Milan studio by the well known Italian designer brothers Achille & Pier Castiglioni in the year 1962. The Museum of Modern Art in the United States dedicates the first individual retrospective to Achille Castiglioni.

This lamp is considered to be a timeless creation in the history of interior design. Arc lamp brings in a touch of sophistication and classic look to any room where it is placed. With its refined style the lamp brightens up and adds a warm glow to the environment. Standing on the Italian Marble base, a long stainless steel arm holds the light.

Unique design
The classic design of this floor lamp like any other Arco designs is visually appealing and is also practical. And this is the reason why this lamp is still selling strongly. The complex design of this lamp becomes simple because of its functionalism. To put it in simple words, this lamp is an overhead lamp without any wiring hassles. This lamp was supposed to be inspired by the street lamps.

The base of this lamp is made from the Carrera marble which looks decorative and holds the hood of the lamp to the ground. The sweep in the neck of the lamp makes it versatile and accomplishing. The beautiful replicas of the Arco lamp at Barcelona designs create an atmosphere in your living space.

Decorating with Arco Lamp

Want to have some spot light without having to do electric work? Go ahead and place the Arco lamp in the room. This light can illuminate an area up to eight feet away and gives the zone defining the effects of a pendant light.

Place Arco lamp in the living room instead of spot lights or wall lights and this piece instantly becomes an attention grabbing object of the room.

Add the Arco lamp to your reading corner by your reading chair or sofa to bring in a feeling of coziness to the area. The lamp immediately transforms the otherwise boring corner to an interesting and stylish place.

When placed in the dining area, the arc lamp sets the mood. It emphasizes the beautiful dining table and brings in comfort and relaxation to your dining table.