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Modern Bench

Do you feel that something’s missing in your living room but you are not fully sure what it is exactly? Below you’ll see a list among which is probably the mid-century modern bench that needs your space to be more functional and personalized. There’s a model for each type of environment, and surely among these, you can find the one that best suits you:

*.- Sauna Stainless Steel Bench. This bench’s surface is made of a rectangular square slotted design. Its base is constructed with solidly welded metal parts, with an inclination in the vertical metal slats. It’s a perfect bench for decorative environments with rich lighting and glam metal touches.

*.- Reach Upholstered Ottoman. This model is made with luxurious deep-seated fabric cushions. Its design includes well-positioned vertical posture support for the head and a polished steel base. Any modern living room or common living spaces can look good with this bench.

*.- Pipe Stainless Steel Bench. This particular design is made to convey the fluidity of progress and the movement’s dynamism. It consists of fourteen continuous polished steel tubes with lateral beams for support. Its versatility allows it to look good in living rooms, bedrooms, common areas, and contemporary halls.

*.- Partner Bench Black Velvet. This design is the perfect complement for any room of rectangular proportions. It has a plush seat and upholstery with buttons in velvet fabric and soft polyester. One of its most outstanding properties is its striking stainless steel base.

*.- Novel Single Bench. Specially designed for sophisticated and daring environments, this bench has great strength and resistance since it’s made of 100% stainless steel. It’s perfect for recreational and fun environments.

This is just a sample of the many and very diverse models that the mid-century modern style can offer you. To know the other designs, you can visit our catalogs and discover the wonderful pieces of this style.