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The Home Office is now a major requirement for Interior Design

Since the emergency of Covid 19, there is a new group of realities that have taken a high relevance in everyday life. One of these realities is the “teleworking” or  Work From Home (WFH).

Due to the necessity of stay safe in home, there is a growing phenomenon of people figuring out how to create their own work environment and spent a work day in a comfortable but efficient way, and this way to keep its performance equal (or even a better) that before.

In interior Design the response is the home office space. Depending of the user needs, this can be bigger or smaller, but it sure will have two key elements: a desk and chair. They both have to be of high quality if you want a productive work day.

Two words are welcomed here, then: ergonomics and design. To accomplish with both of them, a classic item of office furniture is here: The Eames Office chair collection. 

Created in the 1950s in the rise of the Mid Century Modern revolution, there is no doubt that the Eames Office Chairs are still considered as the best office chairs in the industry.

Whether in its two models, “Ribbed” or “Softpad”, the Eames Office Chairs are a guarantee of exceptional design. Its lightweight base of stainless steel had set the standard for all the office chairs in the future, even today. The curvature of its back and headrest allows the proper rest of your body, to keep you focused on your work. 

Source: Barcelona Designs

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