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Working from Home, WFH has become a significant new trend for many Americans, since the lockdown started. It’s very noticeable how the interest about teleworking is growing, and how much furniture stores and Interior Design blogs are taking this subject as one of their main fields.  

Eames Softpad Executive Chair
Eames Office Softpad Chair

There are a lot of perspectives from we can see how teleworking is going to influence ourselves and our society, and all are interesting. One of them is Interior Design. Traditionally one space for work, a home office, designed only for executive users, or classic freelance workers from areas like Law or Accountant. A classic house could have or not a home office.

Today the reality has changed abruptly, and many people are looking for a little space in their properties to set a Home Office.  

A 2020 Home Office

And what are the requests for 2020 Home Office? The options are endless, just like the kind of jobs that are now online. But some basic furniture stuff is always necessary. A table, a chair, some storage facilities, and a good source of light, natural or artificial, appear to be the essentials.

While tables and storage seem to have endless shapes and models depending on design, personal preferences, and trends, the chair has some nuances to keep in mind. For an occasional work hour, a basic chair seems to be enough, and trends and functionality are a priority. But, as is every time more evident, people from 9 to 5 are doing their job from home, so their need for a chair is different. Ergonomics has a relevant place. 

When you do a 9 to 5 work there is a great probability of prolonged sitting. When you spent  so much time in the same position, several risks for your health emerge. So, the best thing to do is to use an ergonomic chair, with all the features required to support your back, feet and head.

To accomplish with both of them, a classic item of office furniture is here: The Eames Office chair collection. Created in the 1950s in the rise of the Mid Century Modern revolution, there is no doubt that the Eames Office Chairs are still considered as the best office chairs in the industry.

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