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We all want to generate an impact on our visitors when we have some furniture piece at home that stands out for its design attributes and comfort. Probably, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair is one of these models. This piece is not the type of chair you will find in any living room, since it’s a very bold type of design that, in fact, was undervalued at the time it was first presented.

Hans Wegner Shell Chair

At first, this original design by Hans Wegner wasn’t very popular, but later it became a classic mid-century modern design. Our replica of the Shell Chair replica is a truly faithful embodiment of its creator’s vision. One of its main attributes is that it’s a piece in which the wood was used in a very assertive way since it’s made of first-class wood (American Walnut) that’s very resistant and able to withstand extreme temperatures without losing its shape. The Shell Chair is designed as a dynamic piece that stands out in any environment and decorative style since its design is unusual and offers a very special type of comfort. Its style conveys the sensation of movement and agility. The technical properties of this Hans Wegner Shell Chair replica are another of its great merits.

Hans Wegner Shell Chair

During its creation process, its designer tried several leg configurations until he discovered that the three-legged design was the most innovative and attractive. This piece was originally designed by Hans Wegner in 1963. High-quality reproduction is true to the famous original design. It’s a classic piece suitable for use as part of the decorative design of a specific compartment, and at the same time, it can be used as a separate piece in any modern home. Dare to discover how amazing it can look in your living room.