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There are many reasons why the Eames Lounge Chair has earned great recognition and reputation as one of the most important pieces that appeared during the twentieth century: for being a piece that mixes sophistication with simplicity in a masterful way, for being one of the most comfortable chairs ever created, for being an icon of the new modernism that manifested itself from the 1930s, for being a design made with first-class materials, for being a highly influential chair, which would mark the way for other future designs, among many other diverse reasons.

The truth is that the current reality is revealing about the impact that this chair had on the market and in the professional field of interior design: the Eames Lounge Chair continues to stand out for its elegance, the superior comfort that it’s still capable of offering in comparison with other more recent chairs, the result of work carried out by professionals for several years, and the quality of its materials, which make it a high-quality piece, capable of lasting in good condition for many years and even surviving several generations without losing its aesthetic or physical properties. This piece, in fact, is considered a long-term investment, due to its great utility and cost-benefit ratio.

Eames Lounge Chair
Source: Scandinavia Design

A Furniture Piece That Became Celebrity

It’s possible that for some people, one or more of the reasons stated above are not sufficient to add an Eames Lounge Chair to their living room or any other space in the house where it may be very pertinent or necessary to have a chair like this. However, after more than fifty years remaining in uninterrupted production, with a fame that has spread throughout the planet, even making it appear in movies, series and television shows, this chair went from being just a well-made piece of furniture to become one of the most recognizable icons of the Mid-Century Modern style.

What does it mean to be “an icon of its style” for a piece of furniture like this? The implications are several and very important: not only does it guarantee the chair many more years of fame and significance, but it also gives unmeasurable added value to any environment where it’s placed. The Eames Lounge Chair is not only known and admired by architects and professionals from the world of interior design and decor, but it has also had a notable participation in television series such as ‘Frasier’, ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Tron: Legacy’ or ‘House’, and in movies like ‘Iron Man 2’, ‘Hope Springs’ or ‘Click’.

A Quality Chair That Continues To Look and Feel Great

In other words, having an Eames Lounge Chair in a place as normally crowded as the living room will inevitably attract the eyes, arouse interest in people who are unfamiliar with the chair, and surprise those who do know it well and know about its extraordinary historical trajectory. In fact, if you want your decorative style to be purely attached to the most representative designs of the Mid-Century Modern style, including this chair in your layout is an almost obligatory reference, considering that it’s one of the first designs that are usually cited when speaking of this trend that continues to be so important today.

Years of popularity are a good indicator to measure the impact of a design, both historical and media. In particular cases such as the Eames Lounge Chair, this impact is not only an added value that has been the result of fame but in fact, the chair still looks very good and works extraordinarily even in interior decorations most current. The modifications that have been made to the original design presented by the Eameses are almost imperceptible and unimportant. On the one hand, its organic materials, such as wood, leather, and metals, prepared and assembled through processes that are mostly done manually and, on the other hand, its smooth and curved lines, which shape a highly ergonomic seat, keep gaining the approval of the mass public.

Eames Lounge Chair Replica
Source: Ambiente Direct

Make Your Eames Lounge Chair The Focal Point

Depending on the way you have prepared your living room, a piece like the Eames Lounge Chair can be not only a great benefit but in some cases essential, especially for users who spend a lot of time in this area of the house and are fond of activities such as watching TV or reading. The chair adds a unique and personalized flair. The complete design includes an ottoman, which is attached to the chair to facilitate the complete rest of the entire body and make it the perfect complement to your sofa and couches set. Due to its imposing dimensions and its remarkable presence, it’s not uncommon for this chair to steal all the limelight and become the focal point of any area.

An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction in the middle of your living room will look just as good and impressive as the original design, as this piece is, in fact, inspired by the old luxury armchairs that were common to find in English gentlemen’s clubs in high society, but retouched in a modern style and in keeping with current times. The result: a spacious, proportioned seat that combines world-class materials with specialized workmanship to create a product that, more than a piece of furniture, is a piece of art with amazing technical characteristics.

The Eames Lounge Chair Replica Is One of The Best Alternatives That You Have

The Eames Chair replica by Barcelona Designs takes into account almost all the most relevant aspects of the original model and is at first glance indistinguishable from the product manufactured by the Herman Miller brand. The piece can balance on its metal support, a five-legged star that facilitates stability and balance while rotating and balancing on the axis. You’ll enjoy all the benefits that this legendary design can offer the user, including a pleasant and relaxing user experience that will make you feel like on a throne.

Make your Eames Lounge Chair the king of your living room and enjoy one of the most important designs of the last century in the center of your home or office!

Eames Lounge Chair Reproduction
Source: Couch Potato Company