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Back in 1929, when the Barcelona Chair, and the Barcelona Collection were introduced in the International Exposition of Barcelona, the landscape in Architecture and Interior Design was in the middle of some winds of change. Art Noveau and Modernism rise  against a world of classic rules that shape Architecture and Arts for many years. In that antique world, ornaments, beauty and luxury were the main purposes in any work of design.

But  in 1929 (and 1928 too, with Le Corbusier) the Barcelona Chair portrayed some key features that made it a standard of design:

  • Minimalism
  • Experimental materials
  • Functionalism over Ornaments

With a design that lies in a sober shape, without ornaments, the iconic X frame of the Barcelona Chair, and its comfortable cushions, the Barcelona Chair offers a great piece of furniture that avoids any useless detail. Build with a stainless steel frame, and a set of stuffed cushions of premium leather, the Barcelona Chair has nothing to offer, but not less, than a great seat experience.

From the original pig skin model of the 1929, till the day of today, with high end replicas of premium leather, the Barcelona Chair has the permanency of classics.

For inspo, info, and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the Barcelona Sofa or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.