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There’s a lot of reasons why you should get yourself and Eames office chair reproduction, and we’re going to look at some of the most prominent ones. You should always consider getting yourself a quality Eames office chair reproduction from Barcelona Designs because we are the only store that makes these chairs in the same way that the original manufacturers make them, only cheaper. What else can we tell you about our chairs? Let’s consider some reasons why you should get a Barcelona Designs’ certified Eames office chair reproduction.

These reproductions are made with the same quality as the originals

From the leather finish on the cushions and upholstery, these chairs are perfect reproductions of the original designs. These are the closest you will get to owning an original Eames office chair, as these Eames Office chair reproductions follow the same manufacturing practices of the bigger manufacturers out there. Don’t forget that they are based on original models and their looks, instead of just being normal office chairs that try to imitate the great quality of the work of Charles and Ray Eames. We are not the only retailer creating replicas of the Eames office chairs, but we are definitely doing that in a way that will get you a chair that’s going to last for ages.

Form and function: great chairs that also look great

Many office chairs today look exactly the same. And more importantly, you’ll find that most chairs with a ribbed design look like this one. However, you can benefit by getting an Eames office chair reproduction from Barcelona Designs in two ways: you will have the functionality you need that other, general looking office chairs usually advertise, and second, you will have a look that only resembles other replicas of the Eames office chair (in fact, our replicas are quite different).

In terms of design, most replicas on the market fail to give you the original look of the original Eames office chairs. They will only get close in shape and finish by using some materials without paying attention to quality, and they will attempt to better their own replicas by adding functionalities that you don’t really need, especially if you’re looking for a mid-century modern chair like this one. What you have to do is consider why you would want to buy a chair like this, and the answer seem very self-explanatory: you know that these chairs encompass everything you will need in a well-designed package.

Aren’t there any other chairs that are just as affordable?

Yes, of course. There are many chairs out there that are just as affordable as the Eames office chair reproduction in four models that we sell here at Barcelona Designs. However, affordability is not something that we’re going for with these chairs. In fact, they are not that affordable when you compare them to other models. We recently wrote an article that features other chairs like this from other chairs, and you’ll see that what we’re going for here is more quality than actual price reduction, even though our chairs are significantly lower in price than the originals.

Barcelona Designs has been crafting mid-century modern reproductions of high-end, high-quality furniture since 2005. By taking in the work of the greatest designers from the mid-century modern furniture period in America and Europe, we have created some of the best mid-century modern reproductions in the market today. Give us a shout or check out our best seller’s page to learn more about why these replicas are so great, and where they actually come from. We want you to have the best of the best in mid-century modern furniture.