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The Barcelona Collection by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is one of the most iconic items in the mid-century modern roster. Comprised of eight items, you can find a wide variety of knockoffs and other similar pieces that resemble the original, but today it is very hard to find something that actually makes you surprised and happy. The original items of the Barcelona Collection might be very hard to replicate in accordance to the standards of the original, but here at Barcelona Designs we’ve made it our mission to create replicas that you can enjoy and that totally look like the real thing.

This is why we separate ourselves from other vendors: you might find that the Barcelona chair is sold under many names, but retain its original name, as well as its original specifications. This is also true for all the other items in the Collection, and we are very proud of that. Let’s examine why we are the only online retailer so far that is selling this collection in America and Canada, so you can see why Barcelona Designs is the top choice for people who are not only looking for the Barcelona chair replica, but also the items that were made famous alongside it.

The Complete Barcelona Collection is at Barcelona Designs

The first point to examine here would be the fact that we do not only sell the Barcelona chair reproduction. The Barcelona chair replica is only the starting point of a bigger collection, one that we offer in its entirety. As we have said before in other posts, these items are: The Barcelona table replica, the Barcelona daybed replica, the Barcelona ottoman replica, and the new additions to the collection, which are: the Barcelona sofa, the Barcelona loveseat, and the Barcelona benches. All of them feature the same style, elegance, and superior craftsmanship.

This is the complete collection of replicas that are now called the Barcelona Collection. Derived from the original collection, whose items currently sell for thousands and thousands of dollars, Barcelona Designs makes it a point to offer you the same quality as these extremely expensive items, albeit at a much, much lower price. We achieve this by staying true to the original designs as much as we can, while also offering you the spin-off items that were born in the modern replica market, and that we consider to be as valuable as the original Barcelona chair reproduction and its companions.

Superior craftsmanship and expert design

Aside from offering you the best of the best in modernist design by applying ourselves to provide you with superior craftsmanship, as well as divorcing ourselves from knock offs and from creating products that only resemble the original designs in name, we also want to provide you with the best in material quality. We use the best in Italian aniline leather for every part of the chair and its companions, as well as top grade steel for the base and walnut wood for the veneer. This is why we put ourselves above other vendors, the only way we can correctly sell the Barcelona Collection is by providing you with a product that is as close to the original as possible.

And, if we’re saying this, we should point out that these products (the original ones) are almost close to perfection. The designs by Mies, as we have explained before, were meant to be used by royal guests, more specifically the King and Queen of Spain in the Barcelona Pavilion of 1929. We have taken the royal properties of these items and packaged them in a way that you can enjoy without feeling like you have gotten yourself something that’s poor quality.