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Elaborating the design of one space as significant as a living room is always a challenge to fulfill since the living room is usually the site with more common functions for both the inhabitants and the visitors of the house. In addition, it’s a compartment with a great diversity of uses and applications, for which you must have the equipment and any resources deemed necessary, without compromising the aesthetics and the predominant style. In this purpose, a piece like the walnut imitation Noguchi Table is usually of paramount importance, since it’s the most used element during a moment of sharing with friends, a relaxed and intimate conversation at tea or coffee time or the most suitable place to let a book rest briefly in the middle of a reading session.

The Herman Miller Noguchi Table is particularly recommended for these purposes due to the prominence of its design, which by itself already brings a great aesthetic load and is inspired by the characteristics of biomorphism of the middle of the last century, which makes it attractive and appropriate for almost any decorative style in which you want to integrate. Its tempered glass surface and its sophisticated wooden base that is manufactured in different colors make it a very functional design. Check out the other designs available in our store to discover more wonderful examples of this trend.

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