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Stand out with a really special gift. In these holidays, you need sometimes to make an affirmation and show to that special person that you care.  A Tulip Table is a gorgeous way to do it.

Tulip Table with flowers

What makes a Tulip Table the perfect gift?. When you make a gift, you want to deliver an experience of beauty, good taste, and practicality. A Tulip has it all.

A tulip table is practical.  One beautiful side table is useful always and everywhere. These flowers; that couple of books; that corner used as a recharge center; they all will receive gladly a new sidekick in the room.

A Tulip Table is beautiful. A graceful shape. Elegant and free of legs. With its beautiful tops of marble or wood; a Tulip crowned with flowers will always be a focal point and a starter for a nice chat.

Be part of the trend. Always in fashion, few objects of design survive that long as a Tulip, or Saarinen Table, to the ups and downs of fashion.

Saarinen table

If you want to give something really special for your meaningful ones, don’t lose the chance. In Barcelona Designs, you will find the best replicas of these famous design for a fraction of the price of one original.