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As every enthusiast of Mid Century Modern style knows, Mad Men is probably the most iconic production ever made about the sixties, and a lot of its great success (16 Emmys, 5 Golden Globes) is directly related to the Design of Production and Interior Design, where Mid Century Modern furniture was at its golden age. 

A lot of classic elements of MCM are omnipresent in the series, almost as characters by themselves. The Barcelona Daybed, the Eames Chair, the Arco Lamp…They are all here. The perfectionism around the interior design in this production is so deep, that even exhibitions have taken place to show the exquisite world of details that the apartment of Don and Betty Draper showed chapter after chapter on the small screen.

Weiner Matthew and Claudette Didul-Mann are the responsible heads of the Design achievement that was Mad Men. Mathew Weiner, the creator of the series has very clear from the conception of the series that furniture and Mid Century Modern would play a stellar role.

Claudette Didul-Mann, Interior Designer and Production Designer of Mad Men was responsible for the extensive research that take her to the headquarters of old respectable design firms in the city of New York, and to examine the catalogs of each year, from 1960 to 1970. No replicas were admitted in the series. All furniture were vintage pieces that were part of some house in America in the 60s. 

A Psychiatric Consult and a Barcelona Daybed

As we mentioned before, classic elements from the Barcelona Collection, like the Barcelona Daybed or the Barcelona Chair are integral part of the series. As a curious comment, the Eames Lounge Chair, the quintessential piece of the Mid Century Modern furniture, is relegated at a secondary place in the series by a decision of Weiner, due to the possibility of being too cliche about this piece of furniture.

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