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In this post we’ll be covering the three main Eames office chair replica offerings from Barcelona Designs: the Management Chair (Ribbed and Softpad), and the Executive chair (Softpad). Most people will be immediately drawn to the look-and-feel of the Eames Ribbed Management chair, but each of these options has its particular advantages and disadvantages in regards to the other two. Read on to find which one would be better suited for your personal office, your workspace, or your business needs.

Eames Management Chair (Ribbed)

The aluminum Executive Chair Replica is Barcelona Designs premium office chair, blessing the most professional of workspaces with its black leather, ribbed design, and mid-back that follows the original design produced by the Eames couple in the late 50s and early 60s. Any mid-century modern enthusiast or furniture connoisseur can recognize the ribbed management chair as a ubiquitous and elegant items in office furniture.

This replica comes in top-quality, full-grain aniline leather. It is very soft, easy to clean, and breathes like no other. The ribbed design is purposely made thin to better suit your spine and to make the most of the natural recline of the actual chair. The leather is selected from hundreds of cowhides, with only 5% of them qualifying as manufacturing material, and this classic aniline leather finish is available in black and white.

Eames Management Chair (Softpad)

We understand that not everyone is going to enjoy the ribbed feel of the original management chair, and this is why we included a softpad option that still retains the mid-back design and feel for ultimate comfort but comes with a more padded finish, perhaps better suited for people with certain back problems, or just people that want that “sinking” feel whenever they recline backwards into the office chair.

The chairs dimensions and finish are virtually the same in all three models, including our signature lightweight chrome aluminum frame and #304 corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel structure. The finish on this particular chair consists of three leather cushions with top-quality foam to its maximum capacity. This chair is better suited for use in meeting rooms and other areas of a business that allow for an even more relaxed manner of seating.

Eames Executive Chair (Softpad)

When you read this particular adjective (executive), you will probably think that your boss might sit in one of these chairs. These are sometimes called “manager chairs” as well, and that can create some confusion. In the days when office chairs were just getting started as a category on their own, these chairs basically had all of the regular office chair’s functions, but better. They were easier to control and were usually more technologically advanced, in a way. Though this might no longer be the case, our high-back executive chair might be considered superior to the other two, if only because it allows more room for padding and reclining.

This chair is better suited for larger office spaces, and if you’re in a high-ranking position within your company, you might favor the executive look because of how it stands out amongst the other office chairs. However, what we said before stands: all of these three models are in the same tier in regards to quality. The high-back Executive chair will give any office, personal or otherwise, an ultimate look of productivity, elegance, and luxury.