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We all know how elegant, sober and suave is a Barcelona Chair, and how it stands out over more conventional pieces of seating. But where resides that special thing that makes it unique?

Its all about a letter

Take a profile look at the Barcelona Chair, and you will see distinctive feature: Its “X” Stainless Steel chromed frame.  This is what makes it so different.

The “X” frame of the Barcelona Chair takes the whole structure of the chair on its own. It projects refinement, relaxation, and a sense of comfortable movement.

Where comes this great idea?

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, creator of the Barcelona Chair searched for inspiration way back in the ancient times, in the Egypt Empire.  The so call Egyptian Throne, with its long back support and of course, the “X” frame, of wood in this case, that supports the whole structure with its sleeker, royal appearance. This is why we can comment without doubts that the Barcelona Chair is like a modern throne for all enthusiasts of design.

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