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Why is a coffee table an important element in an aesthetic sense? Did you know that it’s very common that it’s left as a last-minute addition and that it’s so often forgotten in the initial general plane of a decorative environment? Indeed, this is the reason why there are currently many living rooms without a central coffee table, which makes the place a much less functional and less complete compartment. However, some designs such as the Noguchi table are made to shine and not only complement the other furniture’s efficiency, but to be majestic in themselves and become the decoration’s focal point.

Noguchi Table

The Value of a Masterpiece in All Its Dimensions

When a furniture piece has a great aesthetic and functional value, it’s more than can be thought at the first impression. A Noguchi table replica stands out for its attributes: it’s a model with adequate proportions, very striking curved lines that are inspired by biomorphism, a design current that seeks to emulate the shapes, contours, and silhouettes present in the nature kingdom. Thus, its hand-carved wooden base shines with the visual dynamism of a living being and can attract looks and enhance the beauty of everything around it.

Noguchi Table

If you add a Noguchi table reproduction to your living room or to a common area of your home that you consider appropriate for its use, you’ll realize that it’s much more than just a piece of furniture. When it was born from the hands of Isamu Noguchi and was first presented in 1947 by the Herman Miller company, its promoters classified it as part of the “sculpture for mass production” that this artist was producing at practically the most iconic moment of his career and one of the peak times of the mid-century modern style.