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The Noguchi table can be the best setting for you to show off your most exotic and striking ornaments, as long as they’re of a suitable size and don’t weigh too much. The truth is that naturally, without any decoration, this piece is so aesthetic that it doesn’t need any decoration or additive to shine with its own light, but you can get its maximum potential, both aesthetically and functionally, with the help of one or two ornaments, strategically arranged. If you are a lover of the simple, straightforward, and direct, you may prefer to use your Noguchi table without any additional elements. If you’re a lover of the exotic, sophisticated, and you like to fill your spaces with details of all kinds, you may want to put some decoration in the center of it.

Noguchi Table

Choosing The Perfect Ornament

The first thing you should consider when choosing your decorations is that they be of appropriate sizes. It’s very tasteless to see a coffee table with decorations too large for its proportions, especially if it’s such a sculptural piece as the Noguchi table. Also, adding too heavy objects to it could cause undesirable damage to its tempered glass surface and ruin its pristine appearance. We also don’t want it to be overloaded. Your Noguchi table replica is an item with a luxurious aesthetic, and as such, it deserves the best decorations, the most precious ornaments that could become the center of attention.

Noguchi Table

Not only the traditional decorations deserve to be taken into account to make your Noguchi table reproduction shine. The most special portraits that you treasure, a memory that you’ve brought from a particular trip, a small plant that looks good on it, a handicraft made of marble, silver, clay or any other material that makes your table look like a gadget of luxury. Regardless of whether or not you decide to decorate your mid-century modern coffee table, remember that it’s a furniture piece that will turn your living room into a more functional and aesthetic place.