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For Interior Design, furniture is at the core of the good design. In furniture lies the focal points of any room. Based on an excellent article from Girl Talk HQ, let’s see how the Barcelona Collection is a great tool for any interior designer.

The deep connection between Interior Design and Furniture

For interior designers, furniture is a key tool. They are the bones of the room. So, to create effects with objects, in an aesthetically way, it requires to play with it to find good spots and handle space, lights, colors, volume, and textures. Furniture is the key element to move around and play with it. What does furniture give to our designing? Let’s see:

Furniture is the backbone of Interior Design

A very good phrase. When it comes to design, many times the advice from a specialist is to set the main furniture first, and from then to set the whole of the room. Furniture tends to be always the focal point, especially items like a sofa. So, a great part of the later arrangements has to do with how to get the most visual impact of the furniture. 

Space, Color, Texture, Volume, Shapes, light

These are the elements used by an Interior Designer to play with. And furniture brings the main information within. For example, the Barcelona Collection brings some particular measures and has an elegant and sober shape. Its upholstery gives you the delicate sense typical of leather. All this information is collected by the Interior Designer to build an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed at your own style when it’s properly mixed with natural and electric lights, and with some wall art, that enhances the aesthetic if the room. 

Get the most of all spaces, used or empty

Interior Design plays with space in the first place. In an empty room, you can see it like a blank canvas where the addition of furniture has the purpose of making the place useful for the people. In a crowded space, the rearrangement of furniture looks to set a new balance and fix some overcrowded and functional issues that make a room annoying or inhabitable. Using your imagination, you can even link two spaces in appearance separated, build a more homogeneous house, and seeing the house as a whole. You can only do that by making conscious decisions with furniture. Furniture makes the function of the room tangible.

Furniture Conveys a Style within

When you make a decision about furniture, you are setting a great part of the style of the room. This is a basic element. All the work for an Interior Designer has to crystallize in a statement of style. It doesn’t matter really what style, but stylish. When you are an advanced designer, your designs have your own signature, your own particular taste, or signature. To achieve that the effect that you can create with furniture is determinant. You can see by yourself how the Barcelona Collection is a statement of Mid Century Modern Style, as it portrays al elements that distinguish MCM: functionality, beauty, and sobriety.

The equilibrium between Function, Beauty, and Style

A hard effect to achieve for a Designer. Furniture is like the bones of the room, so in order to achieve a specific effect, you have to make sure to have chosen the right furniture to accomplish that function, while at the same time is the range of style that the Designer envisions, and it’s, of course, a beautiful object. Something really distinctive of the Barcelona Collection is its clear equilibrium. It’s beautiful, fully functional, and reflects, without a doubt a golden period of Interior Design and art; so the beauty that comes from it is a reflection of a harmonic design.

A delicate dance

When all conditions are achieved, we can see that Interior Design is a delicate dance where furniture, light, and art play themselves and create a dynamic effect that pleases your eye and senses. You have a very good chance to get that with the elements of the Barcelona Collection. 

What is The Barcelona Collection? 

The Barcelona Collection is the entire sum of the set of furniture designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929. This collection has a great impact on the world of Interior Design and furniture, due to the revolutionary changes that it brought in an early date like 1929.

The Barcelona Collection, by that time, was formed by the Barcelona Chair, the Barcelona Sofa, the Barcelona Loveseat, the Barcelona Ottoman, the Barcelona Table, and the Barcelona Bench. The Barcelona Daybed, a modification of the Barcelona Bench, was added in 1930, and it’s one of the most popular elements in the collection right now. 

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