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Some people think that a Noguchi table can be any table which has a large, oval-shaped surface that matches a smaller oval-shaped surface at the base. Some people don’t really know what a Noguchi table is, but chances are they’ve seen it a lot or even owned one at some point in their lives. Probably not a very good replica, since the actual design is very hard to recreate in a manner that looks good, but they probably have. What makes the Noguchi table so famous and so iconic?

The Noguchi table is a concept, more than an actual object. That concept repeats itself through a series of items created by Japanese-American designer Isamu Noguchi in the mid-fifties and sixties as a part of the mid-century modernist aesthetic. So, what exactly is a Noguchi table? How do we recognize it? It would be great to tell the good Noguchi table replicas from the bad ones when you’re considering buying one, as badly constructed designs don’t last that long.

Solving a problem as old as society itself through nature and intelligent design

Anyone can tell you what a table is. A square or rectangular-shaped object with four legs on each corner or one large base at the center. You sit at it, you eat on it, you work with it. The idea of a four-legged table is usually preferable and more common because if you only use a thick, lone leg at the center the table will most likely fall over at some point.

Isamu Noguchi knew this, but he also knew that using a four-legged scheme meant less space to put your chair in, less space to move around the table, less space to add a chair (i.e., a new guest) to the table, and less space to stretch your legs while sitting. It also meant doing things the way they’ve always been done, but Isamu Noguchi looked to nature to find ideas that would stop people in their tracks. Functionality was a given for him, he wanted to push the envelope, and so, the Noguchi table as we know it was born.

Thinking about how certain objects stay upright in nature, the idea for the Noguchi table concept was first conceived on a single base design, the actual Noguchi table came later. The notion was very simple: make the surface and the base interact with each other, but make the first one a secondary creation to the actual table, which has been described by many people as a sculpture.

This way, you can have a central “stem” that supports the table, and a lot less chance that it will fall over. In fact, it would be very difficult to topple an actual Noguchi table by accident, you’d have to try and do it intentionally. Even so, it looks like it is hanging on a very delicate balance, this is the magic of Isamu Noguchi’s approach, which is based on biomorphism, a way of creating furniture which had to do with looking at patterns in nature and translating that into the items, as well as art and architecture. Noguchi was primarily an artist, a very famous sculptor, and many of his works still grace the streets and museum halls of big cities like New York.

Why everyone should own at least one Noguchi table (especially Barcelona Designs replica)

The experience of working and living around the triangular-shaped table is very different from the regular experience brought on by the rectangular shape. Having a Noguchi table replica adds a lot more flexibility and mobility to your living space, and can help ease your traffic around the house.

The sleek, curved lines are also very appealing in most contexts, easier to move around than other tables, and equally durable. An original Noguchi table will set you back thousands of dollars but nowadays there are a lot of good replicas in the market. So do some research and go get your own! We’d like to offer you our particular replica because we make it so it stays true to the original’s specifications and is made of quality wood and glass that’s chip-resistant and durable. You really can’t get a better deal, especially with the Flash Sale that we’re offering at the moment.