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Eames Ribbed Management Chair

In our times, Working From Home (WFH) has become a new imperative, and many houses are setting up spaces to consolidate their home offices.

A typical home office set up has a desk, a chair, some storage facility, and proper lighting. The chair, is probably the key element of the whole space. Ergonomics and comfort are essential requests for a Home Office of quality. 

Ergonomics chairs are designed to provide you an experience of support and comfortability with the purpose of make your periods seated longer and better. According to all authorized sources, prolonged sitting is a general risk to our health, and may conduct to develop several affections, like cancer, diabetes, or cardiovascular diseases.

The benefits of ergonomics chairs focus mainly on:

  • Back support in your spine
  • Adequated seat height to allow your thighs being in parallel with the floor
  • Adjustable height and/or length of your armrests
  • Adjustable height and angle of your headrest ( in the models provided with this feature)
  • Comfortable cushions in the seat and back seat

The back support in your spine is a basic feature to help you to keep a healthy posture. You need to keep your back straight, so your organs work better. It happens the same with your head and neck. You have to keep your eye line in parallel with the floor most of the time.

But you need to recline and stretch, too, in order to relax your muscles, and a good chair allows you to it in an easy way.

An Eames Ribbed Executive Office Chair is a very fine example of a chair capable to provide you an ergonomic and comfortable experience. You can get the best replica of an Eames Office Chair in Barcelona Designs.