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If you buy a high-quality sofa, you’ll be rewarded in many ways.

LC5 Sofa Bed White
Source: Catelan Arrendament
The versatile LC5 Sofa Bed is available in Barcelona Designs

A sofa is one of the main focal points of decor in your house. Financially is an investment that has to be carefully considered. Certainly, you and your family will be using it for several hours a day for several years. So, the quality here is something that counts.

A high-quality sofa should last more than 7 years. It shouldn’t suffer any structural damage during this period. Only repeated animal scratches, strong substance spills or serious hits should make any harm. Certain fabrics tend to be more susceptible to stains and humidity, and that’s the reason why some people prefer leather (or its imitation), to fabrics. Wood is resistant and beautiful without a doubt, but it can be affected by termites and in extreme cases by fire.

One great example of a high-quality sofa, is the LC5 Sofa Bed. Designed by Le Corbusier, the legendary swiss Architect founder of the Modernism. This sofa was designed to last for many years, due to its external chromed steel frame, and the use of leather. This superb piece is not affected by accidental spills, termites, and it has a very resistant structure.

With a high-quality sofa, you’ll enjoy many years of comfortable seating and sleeping. Your space will benefit from a pleasant and elegant view, and your family will rely on one intimate spot of relaxing and fun for a long time.

You can give yourself the opportunity to enjoy an LC5 Sofa Bed in Barcelona Designs, for a fraction of the price of one original.