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One of the most iconical designs of the Mid Century Modern era, the LC5 Sofa Bed is a favorite that transcends generation and generation of enthusiasts.


LC5 Sofa Bed Black
Source: Design Market, France

And the wise design of this classic has to do with its colors, too. Although it has been 84 years since its release, there is little variation in the palette, being black the favorite option.

Sober, elegant, stylish. A black Le Corbusier LC5 Sofa Bed will dress your living room as any other sofa.


One great favorite too, white is definitely made for gorgeous and free spaces, with very rich potential of combinations with fabrics, cushions, and wall art. A fresh breeze with some sea echoes.

LC5 Sofa Bed white

Other choices.

Black or white made the case many of the selections. Nevertheless, some choices like red, pink or beige are appreciated, too. It’s just a matter of common sense and follow some basic Interior Design rules with the colors, tables and floor combinations. You can make a bold choice and surprise your guests with a colorful living room.

LC5 Sofa Bed Beige auk

If you want to give you the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, comfortable and smart way of rest and relax, in Barcelona Designs, you will find this piece for a very affordable price.