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Barcelona Bench

Who says a bench can’t make it in an elegant Living Room? A Barcelona Bench definitely fits perfectly.

Few pieces of furniture can be considered as versatile as a Barcelona Bench. A classic of Mid Century Modern period, it’s designed to satisfy the most diverse needs. 

Comfortable as a bed, with enough space as the best Sofa; and beautifully manufactured to fit in any space, the Barcelona Bench is like a joker in your sleeve. 

Elegant living room. the perfect addition of extra seats for your busy living room, a Barcelona Bench can offer 2 or three seats with comfort and style. It’s also a good place to put some cushions and magazines, inviting you to a relaxed reading. Its white color and big cushion are really elegant and bring light into the room. The Barcelona Bench can be the vehicle to get a spark of color via magazines, books, or drapes.

The bathroom, a question of convenience. If your internal space allows it, you count with a very useful sidekick in the prive. A couple of magazines, clothes, your tablet and beauty articles may rest there while you’re in the middle of a very well deserved beauty session. Some private chores that we made in other spaces with certain disconformity, like take care of our nails, or the ladies legs.

 Source: Pinterest

A friend in health. Albeit is not properly a medical bed, in a Barcelona Bench, you have an excellent alternative with your Barcelona Bench to certain purposes: to receive (or to give) a massage, for example. Or to take care of your beloved one at home without to confine it in the room when it has some indisposition.  The Barcelona Daybed is excellent to relax and get isolated some minutes before to continue with the day.

If you want to take the opportunity and bring home this classic of MCM Design, Barcelona Designs is the best alternative to get it for a fraction of the price. At your feet.  Every day is more popular the use of the bench at the feet of your bed, as a storage tool and as a last surface of comfort before going definitely to bed. With a two seat or three seat bench you have enough space for relax and storage or just have some fun.