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Not many consider buying furniture for Valentine’s Day. But have you given it a thought? Why not? Instead of the usual candles, flowers and jewellery, why not gift your loved one, long lasting furniture?

The added advantage with gifting furniture is that not only is it beautiful, but practical and useful too! Bringing together an unique mix of artistry, design and affordability is this noteworthy furniture gift list curated by Barcelona Designs. We wouldn’t give you anything less. We take utmost care in selecting the materials that warrants superior quality.

From us, to you.

1. Barcelona Loveseat

The perfect seat for the two of you. Enjoy this 100% soft Italian leather exquisiteness while caressing your loved one.

The leather for the Barcelona Loveseat by Barcelona Designs is hand picked, piped, tufted and individually sewn by expert leather craftsmen. This gorgeousness rests on four stainless steel finished legs and the cushions of the Barcelona Loveseat reproduction are placed on saddled leather belts.

2. Benchcraft Bastrop in DuraBlend

A loveseat. A sofa. A two-in-one item, the Benchcraft Bastrop in DuraBlend by Barcelona Designs is a delight to own. A part of the “Bastrop” collection, the Benchcraft is offered in DuraBlend by Barcelona Designs.

Available in crimson, black and steel colors, the Benchcraft Bastrop is an easy choice for you to make. Owing to its upholstered arms, accented stitching and back cushions with tufted design, the Benchcraft Bastrop by Barcelona Designs is nothing less than a requisite this Valentine’s Day.

3. Daytona Sofa

Why not spend time with the special someone on the patio this Valentine’s Day? Consider giving her a surprise? Imagine feeling beautiful together in this outdoor rattan sofa under the stars!

Easy to move, contemporary design and adequate backrest are some of the key points of the Daytona Sofa by Barcelona Designs that make it the apt choice for your patio.

4. Bloq Sofa

The perfect couch for the two of you to snuggle in this Valentine’s Day. A reproduction of Josef Hoffmann Kubus Sofa in Josef Hoffman’s Kubus Collection, the Bloq Sofa by Barcelona Designs is synonymous with quality, style, comfort and affordability.

Built on a hardwood frame, the Bloq Sofa by Barcelona Designs is wrapped in Italian leather and wheeled legs for easy maneuvering. Just like the original, this reproduction by Barcelona Designs has clean and precise lines.

5. LC5 Sofa Daybed

Sofa-cum-bed. A double whammy! Two functionalities at the price of one. We’re sure they will love this! Originally designed by Le Corbusier, the LC5 Sofa Daybed by Barcelona Designs, transforms into a bed by simply pushing the backrest behind. She can do this even without you!

A frame of stainless steel to boast of, the LC5 Sofa Daybed also features polyester cushions with removable covers in top grade leather. Another exceptional characteristic of the LC5 Sofa Daybed is that it can be placed it in a bedroom as a part of the lounge set or the living room.

6. Grayson Upholstered Bench

Spruce up your home together. This Grayson Upholstered Bench by Barcelona Designs can change the look your entire home by giving it a rustic look.

Upholstered aptly, the Grayson Upholstered Bench by Barcelona Designs is based on a mango wood frame. An unique design, multifunctionality and homely feel are what make the Grayson Upholstered Bench a joyance!

7. Zeta Large Bench

The bench of love. With no screws or joints visible, the Zeta Large Bench is grace personified. With the vibes of an outdoor bench, the indoor Zeta Large Bench offered by Barcelona Designs is an architect’s delight with its linear lines and functionality.

Polished with stainless steel, the Zeta Large Bench by Barcelona Designs envisages  contemporary style like no other. With multiple uses like that of a modern coffee table, bench or extra seating when we have many a guests, the Zeta Large Bench is a something your loved one will cherish for a long time to come!