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Trying to upgrade a room’s decor? Go for a timeless Barcelona Bench! This classy furniture piece will lend a touch of luxury to any room. Use one as the focal point of your master bedroom. Mid century modern benches like our Barcelona Bench replica are great additions to mudrooms, dens, entryways, living rooms and bedrooms. Use it in any space where you’d like to add a bit of decorative interest. 

Being highly versity and working in every room, a modern bench may solve many problems. Here are our four favorite uses for this multifunctional piece:

Use It at the End of a Bed

Barcelona Bench

Source: House*Tweaking

A sleek Barcelona Bench in caramel leather at the end of the bed like the one featured above ultimately enhances the space. It also acts as a gorgeous visual anchor!

Use It as Coffee Table

A simple bench with is versatile enough to transform into a chic coffee table. Just use a few books or tray for creating a flat surface where coffee cups may rest. It may also be moved to the side in order to be used when extra seating is needed. 

Use It as Sofa Table

That same iconic bench that’s on hand to add extra seating or be used as a coffee table, can obviously be used as a sofa table. To further enhance the decor, you may add everything from storage boxes to decorative planters to books.

Use It as a Divider

Barcelona Bench

Source: Forbes

Have an open floor plan? Create zones for a more efficient use of space and a more orderly feeling. Bordering a TV nook or a seating group with a bench like the black one featured above perfectly defines the zone. Besides, it allows it to bridge different seating areas or become an additional table for festive supplies or snacks..

As you can see, the possibilities for this often-overlooked piece of furniture are limitless. A Barcelona Bench 2 seater has an adaptable enough style to spruce up your home’s interior. You can get in Barcelona Designs. Visit us NOW!