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The Barcelona Bench and Barcelona Daybed have a lot of versatility

Sometimes we have to deal with rooms with almost no light. Even without windows. In scenarios like that, with have to take all our elements of decor to provide some sense of lighting in our room.

In that case, decor has a double purpose: Beauty and function. Decor should help us to bring light, even directly, with the use of lamps, or bringing a sense or a perception of lighting, through color, texture and volume.

Artificial lighting

First of all, we should obviously think in artificial lighting. An adequate set of lights is tour first tool. Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps. There are many combinations in lighting that help us to attend any corner in our space. One outstanding way to achieve decor and a focused lighting is through an Arco Lamp. It gives a clear spot of light, while its golden arc enforces our perception of light.


With color you can take two strategies. One is using directly white, very clear colors. The other strategy is using some neutral colors and find support with your furniture to create a perception of light.


Elements of decore. White, beige furniture brings light. A white Barcelona Bench brings a lot of lighting in a dark room, because it comes from the floor. Mirrors are balance element too, creating the sense of light and space.

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