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One fine characteristic of a good design is its ubiquity. Its ability to be used in different spaces at the time, nevertheless they are from different styles or functionality, always giving good results and matching with our spaces.

And that’s a characteristic of the Barcelona Chair. It’s modern, superb design has beauty and elegance, but at the same time is sober enough to be used in familiar places or institutional places.

 A Mid Century Modern marvel in its own world.

In a recent note, you can tell how classic is the Barcelona Chair as a timeless décor piece, even in the most exclusive places.  According to Architectural Digest India, the Barcelona Chair is defined as “a genius play of sculptural form and luxe material, designed for industrial manufacturing”. A great compliment for an article designed and released in 1929. To illustrate these comments, the Barcelona Chair takes the central stage as the accent chair in a Living Room set up formed by several contempo pieces and traditional Indian décor items.   The Barcelona Chair shines as a solid accent design that brings a classic elegant seat solution in a very trendy space.

As a touch of modernism.

In a very recent article, by the Architecture and Design magazine Lonny, a high profile renovation realized in NYC, the Barcelona Chairs are the items selected to set the tone into the fancy, stellar living room of this residence. The place is a stunning property in a Tudor – Cottage style, located in the city of New York. With a steeply pitched roof, prominent stone-and-brick chimney, and cozy bedrooms, its gorgeous living room, has a Lucite-and-brass coffee table, that nails the room with a couple of white Barcelona Chairs, under a Sputnik – Style Chandelier. In this décor, which is predominantly cottage,  the Barcelona Chair set the tone of a modern touch, with its solid shape and that white, pearl shine. The Barcelona Chair succeeds in giving vigor and character to a house of époque.

A sober, modern piece for offices.

For private practices, management offices, and private consultancy, the Barcelona Chair has become one of its standard choices. The elegant but sober shapes of the Barcelona Chair are ideal for living rooms of management offices. When is combined with the Barcelona Loveseat, Barcelona Sofa, and the Barcelona Table, there is no doubt that an office entry has everything to conquer.

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