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One of the reasons why the Tulip Table has this extended life in the world of Interior Design is the ability of this marvelous piece to readapt and assimilate the changes in fashion with minimal alterations on itself.

Tulip Table w Top of Marble and plants
Tulip Table with top of marble and surrounded by plants

How does the Tulip do to reinvent and keeping relevant in a world full of changes?. Once again, the wisdom of its design has the last word.

One top solution. The top of the Tulip Table has the chameleon feature everybody loves. Sometimes of fiber plastic; some others of wood, and now with the return of the marble, the Tulip has in its most relevant spot the versatility of change, whenever the trend goes.

Saarinen Tulip Table with top of marble
Tulip Table with top of marble

Try your favorite chairs. The Tulip Table is not selfish when it comes to its partners in the dining room. You can try different models of chairs and be surprised by the results. Following the last trend of mixing chairs at the dining table, the only advice worthy to share is to take care that the height of the chairs is the most similar possible. But a Tulip shows you that fun and elegance don’t are not rivals but good partners.

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