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The market of daybeds its getting better and better in 2020, and it’s growing. The Barcelona Daybed is a fine example of it, with its iconic bolster cushion.  But let’s take a look at the different models in vogue this 2020.

Traditional Daybeds

A traditional daybed is a twin mattress supported by a decorative/functional frame. This frame generally surrounds the mattress with arms and back support that it looks like a head top too, and that provides the Daybed of this characteristic appearance of a mix between sofa and bed. This kind of daybeds should have bedroom wear, to protect and cover its mattress. Generally, in this kind of model, the mattress (twin size) is sold separately, so be warned that you will have to buy mattresses and sheets. On the other hand, that will let you play with the colors and patterns of bedroom wear and the decor of your room. Traditional daybeds tend to display more ornateness, and a bigger total volume, so they are ideal for family rooms,  lounge rooms, or even in outdoor spaces.

Bench Daybeds

With a look more alike to the traditional bed, but with some distinctive features, bench daybeds are formed by a big cushion, or a game of several cushions supported by a four-legged, bed-like frame. Like a regular bench, it doesn’t have any arms or head top, so, its total volume in a room is smaller.  Generally, this big cushion or series of cushions is tied to the frame. It gives the Daybed a more compact appearance. The rounded bolster is one characteristic feature in this daybeds. It creates a layer additional of sophistication and elegance.

There are several models of bench daybeds: Leather upholstered; upholstered tufting; or even overstuffed cushion models are in the market to please the more diverse preferences.  The frame can be of stainless steel or tampered legs, but generally, there is always a Mid Century Modern vibe in most of the models.
With a minimalist look due to the absence of arms or head tops, bench daybeds are more fit into different spaces: They don’t obstruct the view in a living room, either a TV or a focal point of the room. They can be placed easily in the middle of the room, or any interior space, in any direction.

The Barcelona Daybed is a very fine example of a bench daybed. The so-called Mies van der Rohe Daybed as a homage to its designer, has a firm top that is padded in ovals. Made with genuine leather, it rests upon a polished tubular stainless steel base.  It has a strong ash wood platform, delicately finished with a protective clear lacquer.  Over this ash wood platform, there are 72 individuals cushions full of comfort. Each one of them is filled with high-end, fire retardant, urethane foam. And 17 straps are used to stretch them over a rubber webbing.  But the trademark of the Barcelona Daybed is its rounded leather bolster, secured to the cushioning platform with a pretty set of straps.

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