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Time flies, and as we are now in the middle of 2020, lets’ see how the world Interior Design is evolved, especially in this singular time. Is still the Barcelona Collection relevant?
Since the end of 2019, four trends were announced to consolidate, and actually they have lasted. Let’s take a look:

More nature, greener

These singular times have made us appreciate mother Nature each time more and more. Plants are welcome in all spaces. Green plants, not only flowers, are each time in more demand. Especially big ones. But there are classics that never fade: Snake plant, Figus, Aloe Vera. Big plants are welcomed not only in the living room and entry room but in all the spaces, even in spaces more reserved before, like your bedroom. 

Fake plants? Nope. In this world hungry for an equilibrium between our needs and our natural habit, is hard to believe that plastic plants could help.
Wood, natural materials.

Wood is always in the peak of the trends, and will always be. With maybe the only exception of the heavy wood panels, that is too much exploited, wood is a star member of any decor, and the major popular trends, as Mid Century Modern, Coastal Living, and Scandinavian have it always as preferred material of the furniture. We find now a sustained rise in the use of light woods, like cane, wicker, rattan, and it doesn’t look that it is fading anytime soon. Wicker chairs like the Peacock chair are expected to rise this semester.

Rounded furniture

The trend for rounded sofas and chairs is still popular. This trend is used mostly with microfiber or cotton upholstered furniture, and it has some freedom of color. Rounded furniture is soft to the touch and more friendly when you came across them. On the other hand, rounded shapes are more difficult to manufacture, and this increases their costs. In spite of its novelty and fresh look, it’s good to be aware that exotic, flamboyant designs, tend to fade sooner than classic options; so there is a risk that you end keeping an exotic piece for more time that you really want. 

More artistic than ever

There is a return to more abstract forms of art in our walls. Statement art, abstract art, is taking more space, looking for some kind of guidance in these troubled times. Its time to save for a while those favorite film posters or that photograph of our favorite musician. 

The Revolution WFH, Working From Home

After the Covid19 madness, one of the more striking consequences for Interior Design is the rise of the home office as one of the main spaces in our house. Something that was growing before, though a slower rate. Now, is a must to locate the best place of your house to locate a good spot for your chair, desk, equipment, and devices, if they are needed. A whole growing phenomenon, the quest for the right furniture to make us comfortable at home, but productive a focused just began, and it requires some balance between the formality of our traditional office and the comfort of our place. WFH implies the definitive arrival of ergonomic chairs to our houses, just like some gadgets previously regarded as an office. A symbiosis between these moods will be something to see at the ends of 2020 and 2021.

The rise of Coastal Living

The hunger for a better lifestyle doesn’t end with a natural love for plants. A fresh and healthy lifestyle is gaining the preferences of the American west coast: Coastal Living. Heavily inspired by the sea and marine views of the west coast, the presence of blue, wood, sand, and white are a constant, and of course, there are the occasional sailor, yachting motifs. Coastal Living is minimalist, and due to its love for wood too, it tends to be associated with Mid Century Modern, and according to several sources, it is mistaken by people as MCM many times.

Mid Century Modern, Coastal Living, and Scandinavian are still the main forces in the market. While each one has its own features and highlights, it is obvious that they share the same principles: minimalism, a trend for clear/neutral colors, and wood as a furniture base. They can be adaptations and some eclectic influences in each one trend, for example, with the rise of rounded furniture, but it looks like Mid Century Modern has a long road still to go. 

The Barcelona Collection

A line of furniture representative of Mid Century Modern Style. It was created in 1929 for the International Exposition of Barcelona, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Originally manufactured first in Germany, after a brief interruption is manufactured in America to this day, conquering new markets and users from all over the world. The rise of the Barcelona Collection made it so popular, that now there is a vibrant market of replicas all around America and Europe. 

What items are in the Barcelona Collection?

The Barcelona Collection is formed by 

  • The Barcelona Chair
  • The Barcelona Sofa
  • The Barcelona Loveseat
  • The Barcelona Ottoman
  • The Barcelona Table
  • The Barcelona Bench
  • The Barcelona Daybed

With its iconic “X” Frame and its squared leather cushions, the Barcelona Chair, Sofa, and Loveseat remain as popular and beautiful collection pieces. Its minimalist design and modern shapes are spotted many times in popular TV series or movies when it comes to style.

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