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Maternity can be a really challenging time, but full of rewards. And it requires of all kinds of support measures to adequate your home to this precious new arrival.

When people live in small places, one of the common arrangements is to transform your living room in a Nursery Room. Is obviously a temporal measure, but it can help you in a crucial period to find some comfort and space for daily routine needs. And the Womb Chair may help a lot in this Quest, just like some other Mid Century Modern pieces.

Womb Chair Replica

The whole idea of a temporary nursery room is to take the most advantage of your space, using your current furniture in a clever adaptation. First of all, is not necessary to take all the living room, but is convenient to delimitate the newborn space. An accent color in the wall (A baby color), and a thick, comfortable additional rug, are desirables.

Use your shelves for many of the stuff you need, like toys, clothes, and all the equipment is required to keep your baby happy and safe. Probably you’ll be short of space, and that’s normal.

But beyond space, your furniture may play a great role in your new nursery room. And turns out that Mid Century Modern pieces are special for this purpose, starting with the Saarinen Womb Chair.

As you probably know the womb chair is one of the most comfortable chairs ever made.

the Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman provides unmatched comfort with molded foam over a fiberglass shell. The designer was able to create a piece that provides a relaxed sitting posture. And the Womb chair may take a crucial role, as the breastfeeding station of your living room. Comfortable, beautiful and with a great appealing for kids, the Womb Chair, in any of its colorful presentations.

Mid Century Modern is special, too, for several reasons. A Barcelona Daybed is great to take a rest while the baby sleeps.

Don’t lose the view on the importance of wall art. Colorful artwork in the shape of wall decals or framed paintings can stimulate the baby and provide visual interest to the room. All framed artwork should be secured safely to the walls. Resist the urge to hang heavy objects on the wall, and never hang anything heavy over the crib or bassinet.

For inspo, info and great offers in furniture, don’t miss the opportunity in Manhattan Home Design, the alternative for Mid Century Modern style furniture, with masterpieces like the

Barcelona Chair  or the Barcelona Daybed.