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Barcelona Bench

If you like to convert your spare areas into multifunctional spaces, this article is for you!

The closet can have more functions than you may think, so if you’re using it just to store your clothes you should stop this and take it a potential opportunity of additional space. It doesn’t matter if the closet is very tiny, even if it has a couple of meters of the size you can transform it into something that transcends storage concepts.

Today we are going to show simple hacks for converting that plenty or small closet into a multipurpose area. 

Scroll down and choose one to apply it to your closet!

A Barcelona Bench is the multipurpose furniture for a multifunctional space

A bit confusing? Don’t worry, let me explain better. A Barcelona bench is the perfect piece of furniture for this type of objective because it is made to satisfy different needs, such as decoration, support, and space to arrange clothes.

In this specific setting, a Barcelona bench replica -or original according to your budget- will help you by offering you a comfortable space when choosing your clothes. You can sit there while putting on your shoes, or you can even present or put your daily outfit on it.

Besides, it can also help you create a separate section or area.

Place it in the middle of the closet or even in front of the storage cabinets. Take a look at these examples to better understand the idea.

Source: .Decor Pad

Your walk-in closet can be turned into a place to read or talk

As the name implies a walk-in closet is “essentially a small room that you can walk into. Typically starting from 6.5 feet in terms of depth, there is no upper limit to the size of a walk-in. In fact, those with a passion for fashion, have been known to have closets that are bigger than a standard master bedroom”.

So if you have this virtuous space in your closet you can try to transform it by adding some chairs and a coffee table, if you are a fan of mid-century modern style and you like the same design of the Barcelona bench you can choose the other elements of this same collection (Barcelona collection); the Barcelona table and Barcelona chair. 

That same walk-in can also be a small home office

If you are not very sure about the above idea because you do not find it too useful, you can go for a small office.

You will find it completely attractive due to the quarantine time that we are going through. This place will provide you with the perfect place to focus on your work-related tasks.

Plus! If you have kids at home, creating this space would offer them a comfy site to do their homework. 

Which idea to create a multipurpose environment was your favorite? Comment below!