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Much has been written about the Arco lamp and the reason for its virtues. If you don’t know this design, this could be your perfect opportunity to discover why it’s such a famous, recognized, sold piece, and why it became one of the symbols of the Mid-Century Modern style.

The Castiglioni brothers wanted to deliver a product that was one step ahead; an avant-garde design capable of taking the floor lamp concept to a level never before explored. The result was a piece that would dazzle an entire generation and leave a mark on design history that continues to shine through today.

5 Features Of an Outstanding Fixture

  1. It’s a versatile lamp. It’s not common for floor lamps that you can place them in any area of the house without the fear that they’ll look out of context. Modern floor lamps are almost always made for the living room, bedroom, dining room, or hallway. However, you can install your Arco lamp in any of these places, and the effect will be just impressive the same.
  2. Reinforce task-based lighting. Task-based lighting is the type of lighting that focuses on pointing direct light sources towards specific places where it’s necessary to perform an activity: reading, writing, doing manual work or even cooking. You can move the Arco lamp’s reflector head to the point where you need light to perform these types of activities and any other where you need direct and powerful illumination.
  3. It’s an iconic design. Any decent MCM catalog in any store will have an Arco lamp among their products. Not only because it’s a very sold product, but also because it’s an icon of Modernism and a very famous lamp present in around 10% of Italian homes. It represents the perfect balance between beauty and function.
  4. There are faithful and affordable replicas. Products such as the Barcelona Design’s Arco lamp replica represent the perfect choice for people who have loved this design but are unwilling or unable to invest a fortune in it. If you are looking for an affordable way to obtain it, the Arco lamp reproduction of that store perfectly emulates each of its most outstanding characteristics.
  5. Its Carrara marble base. We can say that this is its most striking, appealing, and original feature. You won’t find other floor lamps with a solid marble base like the Arco lamp’s. This marble is also very special because it’s the same type of marble that’s present in many architectural works of antiquity and even the sculptures of Michelangelo. Besides, this detail is what makes it much more than a lamp: it’s also an admirable work of art.

Many interior designers and modern design enthusiasts have chosen the Arco lamp as the main lighting tool for their spaces. It’s such an imposing design that it can make an amazing difference in an aesthetic and functional sense and even become the focal point of any compartment.