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If you are a decor enthusiast, you know that a Barcelona Ottoman is the perfect ally for your decor. As a part of the Barcelona Collection,  it will bring you style, quality and functionality. But the Ottoman itself has some great advantages for your spaces. Let’s talk about 3 of them.

Barcelona Ottoman

  1. Versatile in functionality. An Ottoman works for your relax. At the end of a hard workday, get a moment for you in your favorite chair and chill your thoughts while your Ottoman supports your feet. Don’t you deserve it?. But this is not all of it. A Barcelona Ottoman is a perfect sidekick for a living room. As a little surface storage spot ( for a couple of magazines), or just as a decorative object, to fill an empty spot.
  2. Versatile in space. Who said that a Barcelona Ottoman belongs only to a living room?. Certainly, it fits very good as a point of relax, but the Ottomans are very popular at the side of your bed as a support point for your feet. Living room, Bedroom, and even outdoor are all spaces where the Barcelona Ottoman has potential to complement your space. 
  3. Versatile in decor. Do you have a room too much dark? with a lot of wood panels, leather furniture and a heavy environment?  Take a white Barcelona Ottoman  and place it in the middle of the room. It will bring you a lighter vibe with elegance and style. But you can do it otherwise. If your room is excessively clear, or it has a lots of white tones due to curtains, white walls or clear furniture, you can use your Barcelona Ottoman to make an accent statement. With colors as white, black or yellow a dark Barcelona Ottoman against a white surrounding, is a good tool to get your room balanced. 

If you want to enjoy the experience of a great replica of the Barcelona Ottoman, don’t loose the opportunity and go to Barcelona Designs, the best alternative in the market of replicas of Mid Century Modern Style.