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When it comes to Interior Design, most of the times the space is a problem due to its scarcity. You should be able to get the most of your space without make it overcharged or uncomfortable.

But what happens when you are on the opposite side of the problem if your furniture is not enough to seize the room? If you don’t have very much furniture and don’t think to get it anytime soon, there are a couple of things to do:

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  1. Plants. Plants are always in fashion, but right now there is a trend of big plants.
  2. Redistribute your actual furniture avoiding corners and chairs or sofas against the walls.
  3. Rugs. They are comfortable. They invite you to seat on the floor and read. Get a couple of colorful, vivid rugs.
  4. Books. Do you have many books? Magazines? Are they in good shape? Use them piled vertically. They bring character and personality.

If you are about to buy any piece of furniture, to fill your space but the sofa is still on the waiting list, one practical thing is to get a bench. A Barcelona Bench. They are beautiful and useful.  You can manage your space with a versatile piece that gives you storage surface and extra seats, while it is elegant.

If you want to take the opportunity and enjoy the comfort and convenience of a Barcelona Bench, in Barcelona Designs you will find a very high quality replicas for a fraction of the price.