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What does an  ideal family photo consist of? It primarily consists of the whole family sitting around the dining table, exchanging stories, laughing and sharing some food. Being the centerpiece of any dining room, dining tables are a pivotal part of every home worldwide. An essential for everything from daily meals to holiday gatherings to family game nights to dinner parties, the dining table is at the heart of every home out there. 

We’ve come up with a few tips to help you select the perfect mid century modern dining table. One that brings together loved ones!

1. Think about Size 

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

Being able to find the exact balance between space and size enhances the function and overall look of a dining room? It’s imperative to scale the size of the dining table to the available space in the dining setting! So, follow these guidelines

  • Leave some space, from behind the dining chairs to other furniture or the wall in for your guests and you to get up and down from the dining table with no hassles. 
  • On the floor, map out exactly where you plan to put your dining table with tape so you can easily envision how the dining table will fit into your dining space.
  • Consider the number of family members or guests you plan on accommodating for special events, day-to-day activities and holidays. 
  • Give each guest around 2’ of elbow room so that each and every one of them has enough room to converse and eat comfortably. 
  • To be able to sit between four and six guests at a round table requires a diameter of 44”-54”, while a rectangular table needs about 60” to accommodate six guests.  

Do you host huge gatherings during momentous occasions? Investing in an extendable table or in our rectangular Gridiron Table. Made of stainless steel, this eye catcher will surely let you sit all your diners. What a smart solution! 

2. Consider Shape

Mid Century Modern Dining Table

Since dining tables are primarily used for the purpose of having meals, there’s a practicality factor to them.  It’s essential to define the shape in terms of the number of people at the table!

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round

Mid century modern round tables like our Query Table showcased above are a top trend right now! This wood table has a warm vintage feel, creating an intimate setting. It provides lots of legroom thanks to its pedestal!

We hope these dining room tips inspire you for an upcoming project! Visit Barcelona Designs for mid century modern dining tables and other furniture pieces.