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Ah, the apartment. The omnipresent living staple, and for most city dwellers: fate.  Living in an apartment can be tricky in terms of space and interior design due to their conflicting natures. It’s often hard to find promising interior decorating ideas when you live in a crammed space. Or, the lack of space can hinder one’s interior design goals, so as to avoid overfilling.  For those pursuing a midcentury modern flair to their apartment, coming to terms with this may seem daunting. But fret not, for we at Barcelona Designs have assembled some visual aids that may help you ideate some design arrangements in your apartment or small indoor space.  The midcentury modern flair is not all that difficult to achieve, even in apartments.

Making Use of All Available Space:

Don’t leave the wall of your TV set empty ever. Though it may be the focal point of the wall, other additions to it like being surrounded by multiple shelves will only enhance the look.  Also, this is a great way to use available space, in that you can store books, DVs, photo frames, knick-knacks, etc.  A small couch adds symmetry to the opposite-facing Barcelona chairs, which, even when spaced out, do not take up an inordinate amount of room. The centered Noguchi adds more midcentury goodness to this area.

Eames and Arty Spaces:

Nothing screams midcentury modern more than Eames furniture. Located in the left corner, the Eames Molded Plastic Arm Chair adds a sleek and chic look to the room. This of this room does not explicitly show whether it is a living room, though from the width and the view of the other apartments, we can see that this is a rather small apartment space itself. This living space makes great use of room by stacking it up with artful pieces like framed art, globes, small floor lamps, table clocks a chest and more. If you’re not the artful type, take note of how despite the seemingly many items in this room, it does not appear cluttered. The loft sofa in the lower right corner adds to the midcentury vibe.

Rugs and Geometry:


The way the couch, the two Barcelona chairs and two ottomans are aligned on the edges of the carpet creates a geometric look. This creates harmony, in that the configuration looks rectangular. Rectangles are simple shapes and midcentury modernism elicits simplistic takes on both the design of a room and the structure of the furniture.  The Arco lamp in the right corner garnishes the room with a midcentury further extent.

 Lounge Chaise with No Opposite Furniture:

Not all rooms, even living rooms require furniture to be placed facing each other on two opposite sides. Sometimes, just one furnished side suffices. This scenario is a perfect example, with some squiggly pizzazz. The black LC4 Lounge Chaise, a stunning lounger, inspired by designer Le Corbusuier makes for a bold centerpiece despite it not being in the center.  This chaise lounge is by no means ordinarily shaped. Its swirling shape matches well with that of the shelf, another squiggle-shaped piece.  The glass coffee table rounds up this room, along with the credenza under the TV. Notice how all of these pieces are on one side, creating a linear look.

Eames Chairs Galore

This small, alcove-like space looks complete with its overtones of midcentury modernism.  This setup is positioned in a round arrangement, with the various Eames style chairs encircling the coffee table in the inner space. The Shell Rocking chair in the lower left spot is composed of shining fiberglass and ad a chic variation to the other Eames plywood chip chairs. The unseen side table supporting the lamp creates the final touch to this space. This space serves a great template for smaller rooms, as it includes all the basic necessities of a living room, with some of the most iconic chairs springing from the midcentury movement.