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“I want a chair that is a like a basket full of pillows…Something I can curl up in”.

What were the words of Florence Knoll, the legendary soul, and brain of Knoll design,  when she discussed with Eero Saarinen about their next great project? Those words stayed fixed in the mind of Eero, who recently had won the Museum of Art Organic Design competition in 1941.

Invigorated, Saarinen cherished the idea of a chair whose comfort relied not on its pillows, but in its own structure, instead. It took some time, and some failed prototypes, to finally find the right path. The Womb Chair is the result, and it would be one of the most iconic and comfortable chairs ever made and a symbol for Mid Century Modern style.

A truly avant-garde design, the Womb chair was released in 1941 as a great object of design, using experimental technics to mix different materials. The final result met all the expectations, but the process of creation was somehow bumpy.

Paired with the Womb Ottoman, you will find that the Womb Chair is the ideal piece for relaxing with style. With its original shell, featuring wool boucle upholstery and molded foam cushions over a fiberglass shell, the Womb Chair hardly leaves someone indifferent.

 Introduced in 1948, the Womb Chair and Ottoman is one of the most popular designs to come out of the 1940s. Saarinen realized that people sit in many different ways; he designed a chair that is comfortable whether lounging, slouching, or sitting with a leg thrown over the armrest. Paired with the Womb Ottoman, you may find yourself in the lap of luxury

Colorful marvel

It’s not only about its comfortable look but about how cheerful, happy sensation project this beautiful design. Color is the nature of this chair, and while red seems to be one of their most popular tones, Barcelona Design, for example, offers light grey, dark grey, and black, too. But there are countless renditions of this marvelous piece in lots of hues, that make it the preferred piece of furniture of the little ones of the house.

A great Accent Chair

A completely original piece, the Womb chair is the archetype of an accent chair.  Its unique shape and colorful color make it ideal to use it individually, to bring that note of color, comfort, and even fun to your room. The Womb chair is beautiful and elegant for your living room, but ideal too for a family room.

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