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If there is one thing the Danes have shown they can master, it is the art of wood modeling. Hans Wegner, one of the most renowned Danish designers in the furniture industry, has designed more than 500 chairs throughout his career. However, perhaps one of the pieces with which he has most delighted his public is the famous Wishbone chair.

Although the Wishbone chair was designed in the ’50s, this beautiful piece of wood continues to mesmerize the public with its clean lines, light appearance, and size adaptable to almost any space.

Like every piece that becomes an icon, there’s some source of inspiration behind it. In the case of this chair that Hans Wegner created for Carl Hansen & Søn, he took as inspiration the classical portrait of Danish merchants sitting on Chinese Ming chairs. With this image in mind, he was able to create the intriguing Y-shaped silhouette, giving it an organic yet elegant finish.

This last characteristic is perhaps the most outstanding of this piece. This Y shape influenced the name of the model and now it’s recognized for it.

Hans Wegner Designs 

Hans Wegner in his designs shows a revolutionary touch. If we stop for a moment to evaluate the chairs in the ’50s, we will probably come across very traditional models, where the only objective was to offer rigid support. Instead, designs like the Wishbone Chair and the Shell chair offer us much more than that. These mid-century icons look to bring you a great exclusive experience.

This experience is achieved through comfort, privacy, and creativity in the modeling of the chair. For example, The wishbone-shaped back provides additional support to the armrest, as well as the user. Such is the case of the Shell chair, which with only three legs offers a stable and at the same time avant-garde support, always taking into account the comfort of the user.

Although the Wishbone chair is considered a mid-century icon, this chair can be included in numerous types of styles, including modern, Scandinavian, boho, contemporary and anything that harmonizes with wood or organic accents.

The replica that we offer at Barcelona Designs is totally loyal to every detail of the original piece. Here below we leave you its dimensions and other important characteristics that you must take into account if you want to include the Wishbone Chair in the interior of your home:

  • STYLE/TYPE: Wishbone Chair – Set of 4
  • OVERALL DIMENSION: 20.75″D x 21.5″W x 30.5″H
  • SEAT DIMENSION: 16″D x 19″W x18″H
  • ARMREST: 29.75″H (from the floor)
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 15 lb
  • MATERIALS: Beech Wood, Cord Woven