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A high-quality replica means much more than you can imagine. Some products emulate original designs with such high fidelity and quality that they’re equally admirable and valuable. This means an alternative for buyers, especially those who cannot afford to buy original pieces.

To mention an example, if you’re looking for a Wassily Leather Chair, one of the most popular seats within its style, reviewing everything that the replica can offer you could be the most convenient first step.

The Wassily Chair replica by Barcelona Designs is technically and visually identical to the original Marcel Breuer model, launched on the market in 1925, known to some as the “B3 chair”. The Adler bikes, which in those years were very popular products, were the source of inspiration for the design. Their stainless steel handlebars and tubes are very similar to those that you can find in the structure of the chair. Combined with its leather platforms and straps, the chair presents a versatile look that’s highly compatible with various decorating styles and settings, such as Mid-Century Modern or Industrial.

A Legendary Design That Prevailed Over Time

One of the clearest missions of the creator of this piece was to deliver a highly resistant chair, focused on lasting many years and withstanding intensive use. The three-millimeter-thick steel frame and its six-millimeter thick leather sheets, supported by the load bolts, can withstand heavy weight for a long time. Not only does it look strong but it is, and that’s something you’ll be able to notice from the first time you use it.

One of the aspects for which it has been a highly recognized piece for almost a hundred years is that wonderful fusion between aesthetics and function, since not just any chair made with those materials can, at the same time, look as good as this one.

The Wassily Chair leather can be ordered in white or black, to adapt it to the color palette of your environment in the most convenient way possible. Also, take into account something very relevant: this chair can also offer a high degree of ergonomics, thanks to its dimensions and the shape of its structure. That also adds several points of advantage over its more direct competitors. The absence of cushions in its structure doesn’t imply that it causes discomfort since it’s a minimalist design forged with first-class materials that don’t need that type of accessories to function well.

Probably, the accent chair that best suits your layout is a model like the Wassily Chair style, mostly because its unmistakable and original industrial look represents a good accent touch to break the monotony and rigidity of the most conservative environments. It’s a timeless piece that anyone would think was created recently, but it’s actually one of the first pieces of the twentieth century that became legendary, and, today, it can begin to be part of your living room and last for many years.