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The Barcelona Daybed is an elegant piece of furniture that embodies the notable Barcelona aesthetic that began with Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair.

Our Barcelona Daybed replica exudes effortless beauty and elegance while providing unmatched comfort. Just like all the pieces in our Barcelona Collection and Best Sellers.

Composed of genuine leather upholstery and stainless steel legs, this daybed is a replica of the highest quality and closest specifications to the original bed. The Barcelona Daybed belongs in your home, and we’re here to teach you how best to use it.

Make a Living Room Stand Out

White Barcelona Daybed as part as a Living Room Design

Who says rooms with white overtones are boring? With the addition of the Barcelona daybed replica, this living room is anything but. A living room with this scenario follows a standard setup: couch, coffee table, TV stand, TV. It adds a tinge of geometrical style, since the sectional sofa extends to the side of the coffee table, rendering the couch to not be completely behind it, but rather creating a partial edge for the back of the room.

The coffee table suits the dark wooden floors and the brown accents on the wall art. The Barcelona Daybed pairs well with the white sectional, white walls, TV stand, and floor lamp.  AS this room shows, just add a fuzzy towel to the daybed for extra flavor.

Making a Symmetrical Style

Barcelona Daybed Complementing an Symmetrical Home Design

This setup is harmonious in that both sides of the room display a kind of symmetry. Both have the same sofa standing in a parallel formation. Even the asymmetrical coffee table gives off a symmetrical vibe in the way it is placed.  An abstract painting enlivens the room, almost breaking the symmetry but decorating it nonetheless.

The great thing about the Barcelona daybed replica is its long, geometric body fits in perfectly to the theme of symmetry. It’s a kind of out centerpiece in this setup, edging outside of the rug and creating another linear space. The Pavilion daybed adds on the style with its tufted body, an alternative texture in this setup.

Matching Midcentury Modern Furniture

Barcelona Daybed with one Jacobsen Chair and two Le Corbusier Chairs

Look not at how heavily this room utilizes white accents. Instead, notice how stunning this living room becomes by way of our beloved midcentury pieces. Besides the Barcelona daybed replica, an obvious heavy hitter, this living room includes the Swan chair and two LC3 replica chairs, which are reproductions of the LC3 armchair, also called the Charles Grande chair.

It’s no wonder this room is gorgeous, there are three midcentury masterminds at work here: Mies van der Rohe, who designed the Pavilion daybed, Arne Jacobsen, who designed the Swan chair and Le Corbusier, who thought up the LC3. Two LC3 replicas are nestled on one side, while the Barcelona daybed replica is large enough to fill the opposite sides. The coffee table adds more of a completed look, while the two floor lamps decorate the room further. This setup shows how the Barcelona daybed reproduction can double as a couch.

Creating a Rounded Aesthetic

Barcelona Daybed with other pieces of the Barcelona Collection

This home design makes communication easier while allowing every person in a room to see one another. This living room is abounding with Barcelona furniture. Not that this is the only furniture that can be made into an encapsulating “U,” it looks heavenly with the Barcelona daybed replica. Nothing looks quite as appropriate with the daybed as other Barcelona pieces.

The great thing about this setup is despite the overarching Barcelona theme, it still incorporates two side tables and a stool, both of which are of a different style. This setup works perfectly within larger spaces and for larger groups. The Barcelona daybed replica serves as a conjoining force that connects the two sides and creates the rounded aspect of this home.

Furnishing a Room to the Max

This setup is perfect for those who appreciate fully-furnished rooms, or rooms with a lot of major furniture pieces. The Barcelona daybed replica completes the look, as it leaves no more considerable empty spaces. Its charm is on full display in the front of the room, creating a kind of orbit, with the other main pieces that is, around the midcentury, glass coffee table in the center.

The Barcelona daybed works as a sophisticated alternative to this living room which utilizes a sofa, two chairs, a sideboard and a swathe of accessories. The Arco lamp is a nice touch and it arches over from a space outside the living room, yet manages to delicately grace this living room without actually standing within it.