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According to several respected sources, like the Milan Design Week 2019, the dominating trends in 2020 will have the Mid Century Modern Style, the marble as the material of choice, and the big plants as an element of decor, among others.

Tulip Table w Top of Marble and plants
Tulip Table with top of marble and surrounded by plants

These trends can happily cross in different ways in our houses and spaces. The Tulip Table, one of the most iconic pieces of MCM resumes it in a great way.

Created by one of the principal figures of the MCM movement, Eero Saarinen, the unmistakable shape of the Tulip Table will prevail in 2020 as a symbol of elegance and practicality. One of its main attributes is the adaptability of its top in several materials, as wood, stone or plastic.

So, with the marble as the material of choice, is inevitable the convergence, and we’ll be seeing marble top tulip tables all the way in 2020. 

Saarinen Tulip Table with top of marble
In Barcelona Designs, you will find the best selection of this wonderful jewel of the MCM, at affordable prices.