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Only a few people know the complete story of this famous design: the Shell Chair, one piece ahead of its time. When it was presented for the first time, many people thought that it was a too eccentric model to consider it for their living rooms or some other space of their houses. The mind behind this magnificent creation was Hans Jorgen Wegner, a Danish furniture designer from Tondern.

The Shell Chair
Source: Bigcommerce

The Herman Miller Shell Chair was presented in 1963 and its iconic three-legged form wouldn’t become worldwide popular until several years later when Carl Hansen & Søn reintroduced the piece to the market in 1998. It was then when its “perfect Shell shape” captivated the interest of the new generation.

The Shell Chair
Source: MadForModern

The anonymity and resurrection of this design, who waited for its glory moment for several years, is a beautiful proof of how a piece can achieve a wonderful success when it’s destined to it. Check out the other designs available in our store to discover more amazing examples of this trend.