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The impact of the Shell Chair was late. After its presentation to the market, people weren’t prepared to assume a chair model with such unusual and outstanding characteristics. The general public assumed it to be a too eccentric model and that relegated this masterpiece to anonymity for several decades. However, its moment of glory was inevitable and would come several years later. One of the most notable features of this chair is its excellent use of wood to maintain its shape and proportions. It’s made of molded walnut plywood and oak veneer. Its seat and back are padded with exceptional eco-leather. The comfort it offers makes it an ideal piece for use in a living room or any other area of the house.

Shell Chair

After its popularization, the Shell Chair influenced the way modern chairs were designed. It was a progressive influence that broke paradigms and suggested new ways to innovate with interior design to generate more original and revolutionary ideas. After its presentation in 1948, the chair was practically forgotten, compared to other models that were gaining much popularity. Then, in 1998, Carl Hansen & Søn relaunched it and that’s how it regained its corresponding seat of honor.

Shell Chair

If you want to have a living room with more personality, you can think about adding one of these pieces to some space that you consider acceptable. A pair of Shell Chairs are ideal next to a coffee table to share a pleasant conversation with a visitor, take advantage of a corner of the room that has been left too empty and useless, serve as a complement to the furniture set and is also a good candidate to place on terraces, gardens and other types of outdoor spaces. Add a Shell Chair to your layout and reinforce your mid-century modern style.