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What generation do you belong to? The over-conscious Generation X? Generation Z? the digital native Millenial? If you are at least from Generation X  you are very familiar with the animated series Pokemon. Satoshi Tajiri, who created the animated creatures for a video game in 1995, never thought it would become that big.

In this article by Surface, a Design magazine,  high design objects are morphologically compared to several of the fantastical creatures that inhabit this famous TV series. And the Finn Juhl Pelican Chair is there, of course.

Pelican Chair

The Finn Juhl Pelican Chair, and the Pokemon Obscure Wooloo.
Source: SurfaceMag.Com
The Finn Juhl Pelican Chair, and the Pokemon Obscure Wooloo.
Source: SurfaceMag.Com

As we can see, the similarity between the Pelican Chair and Wooloo is quite evident. The fantasy sheep from Pokemon 

somehow has the same sturdy legs that the ones in the Pelican Chair, and of course, with its wool coat, especially when we think in the wool edition of the Pelican Chair (although the cashmere model is quite popular).

And this is what happens with timeless pieces like the Pelican Chair. Without a doubt a history of success, for a design of 1939, if nowadays it is compared with cool imaginary creatures of modern video games.

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