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The color palette of one interior design is the life of the party. The colors communicate much more than any other factor, and when it comes to making the most of the different elements that are part of this, a well-achieved professional design can take advantage of this section in an excellent way. In any case, we must always keep in mind how the style of our furniture can influence the final result and how it can degrade or, on the contrary, enhance it. Some pieces of great aesthetics, such as the Noguchi table, are a special source of support in this regard since this piece is made with a solid wood base that is marketed in different colors.

Noguchi Table
Source: EamesLoungeReproduction.com

The Vibration of The Colors

Although the color circle is diverse enough in options of colors and hues, it’s common for people to opt for either side: those who love light and warm colors and those who prefer darker and colder tones. Typically, this duality exists earth colors and cream colors, gloomy colors and cheerful colors, etc. There are obviously those who try to combine balanced tones of both sides. However, it’s normal for the color scheme of a place to be inclined by a particular hue.

Source: Apres Furniture

Although some people feel a special attraction for neutral colors (gray, white and black), according to color theory, all colors are divided between these two large groups. In the first group are warm tones such as red, orange and yellow, and all the variations of those three colors, while the group of cold colors is composed of green, blue and purple, and their variations. If you’ve paid special attention from the beginning to the range of colors most present in your living room, surely you know what color your Noguchi table should be. This piece is manufactured in several colors: white, black, walnut, natural, among others, and its biomorphic design with its tempered glass surface can significantly highlight the beauty of your living room.