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A coffee table like the Noguchi table is a dream complement to your living room, and several reasons support this statement. It’s not only an essential piece of furniture for the aesthetic value and visual interest it’s capable of providing, but also for its functionality since it can transform the area into a more usable environment. One design in this category, with a historical and transcendental recognition that has spanned decades, can easily become the focal point of any layout and the main star of the stage. When analyzed in detail, it’s evident how difficult it is to stand out in the category of coffee tables, considering the wide variety of models available on the market that vary in sizes, materials, proportions, and styles.

The coffee table you choose will be in charge of adding the additional and sublime touch of grace and style. The Noguchi table, however, adds a little more than that, and not for nothing is considered, in addition to a piece of furniture, a piece of art. Since its introduction in 1947, it has been known as one of the most elegant center tables available on the market. Its creator, Isamu Noguchi, was a designer of Japanese-American origin who gained great fame thanks to his style clearly marked by biomorphism and the minimalist forms of modernity.

Noguchi Table
Source: Architonic

The Noguchi Table is a Highly Versatile Piece

You can check this out by reviewing any collection of photos hanging around the Internet – the Noguchi table will look good in virtually any setting or decorative style, depending on the color of the base you choose and how you are planning to use it. One of the reasons why this piece presents very notable artistic characteristics, normally associated with art is because, on the one hand, its designer had training as a sculptor and, on the other hand, the multicultural influences that he obtained from his childhood and the historical context in which lived. In addition to furniture design, Isamu Noguchi was recognized for his lighting, garden, and stage creations, among other aesthetic works.

According to furniture design researchers and historians, the creation of this piece was inspired by an article by George Nelson titled “How To Make A Table.” This and other coffee tables by this author broke patterns of what a piece of furniture of this nature should look like, reinventing the way of assuming shapes and space and taking advantage of the modernist trend that was beginning to rapidly transform the lifestyle of society. The Noguchi tables were reinvented in 1984 and are now known as icons of the Mid-Century Modern style and furniture design in general.

Art, Aesthetics, and Function in The Same Furniture Piece

One of the greatest achievements of the Noguchi table is to combine function and form in the same piece masterfully and impressively. The result is a sculptural design that dazzles at first sight, even though so many years have passed since the time it was released. This property is undoubtedly one of the reasons why it gained the preference of the mass public, which chose it as the protagonist of millions of living rooms and diverse spaces throughout the planet. In fact, this piece is known by many as “sculpture for domestic use”; that is, an art piece with a useful function.

Noguchi Table Replica
Source: Smart Living

In addition to the above, the Noguchi table can also be used in office spaces, for which your choice may be very convenient. Also, due to its immense popularity, there are many high-quality replicas available on the market at only a fraction of the cost of the original Herman Miller Furniture product. An example of a good Noguchi Table replica is the one presented by Barcelona Designs, a product with specifications almost exactly the same as the original design. Its hand-carved wooden base with biomorphic features, available in different colors, and its amazing triangular tempered glass surface make it a totally worthy and attractive knock-off.

Why Choose The Noguchi Table Over Any Other?

The Noguchi table is a perfect blend of utility and aesthetics. This is something that not many tables of this type manage to get successfully. Imagine for a moment that you can receive a visit in your living room and your guest is impressed to see your beautiful coffee table, perhaps adorned with a small plant or a small and interesting decorative object. In addition to that, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and some cookies using just that piece that has made such a positive first impression. You can also be watching TV and letting the remote control rest on it, or reading a book on your sofa, taking a break and letting it rest on its clean glass surface. The table would never stop looking beautiful, wouldn’t it?

The above are just a few examples of how the Noguchi table can assure you great satisfaction on various levels. Although it seems more sophisticated than it really is, the Noguchi table is made up of basically three components: its triangular glass surface and the two pieces of wood that are placed interlocked to form the base. This base of geometric proportions has been practically the most acclaimed for being the one that most clearly evidences the artistic approach and the proof that its creator is a sculptor. Also, it’s perfect for minimalist spaces because it’s not as robust as other types of central tables, and this makes it suitable for small spaces.

A High-Quality Furniture Piece In Your House

If you are a wood lover, surely most of your furniture is made of this material or has it as an important component. This will make a perfect match with your Noguchi table, especially if your floor is also made of wood. You can also choose a rug made of some nice material that favors color contrast. Besides, if it’s a well-lit environment, the tempered glass surface will shine better, providing brightness and dynamism. This model is generally chosen for environments with a Mid-Century Modern decorative style, in which simple forms predominate and give greater importance to functionality.

A Noguchi Table reproduction can offer more than you think. Discover the advantages of having this wonderful piece in your spaces and welcome it to the Mid-Century Modern style.

Noguchi Table Reproduction
Source: Royals Courage