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Finding decoration ideas for your living room can be a very special task, especially when you have pieces as emblematic as the Noguchi table in your layout, and you want to make them shine fully in all their splendor. This task is especially challenging when you have just moved into a new home and need to start designing your space from scratch. It’s not just about choosing the right style that represents your taste and personality, but also paying attention to the budget and the most efficient way of making the compartment a highly functional space.

Having a Noguchi table in the center of your living room means being a few steps ahead in your task, considering that this is a key element that can be carefully and strategically placed to become the focal point of the decor and a source of class and good taste. Choosing such an iconic piece is often a much better and easier decision than focusing on redesigning numerous details that may, in the end, go unnoticed by most eyes. You should never discard your best ideas or underestimate the ones that seem less applicable because you never know which could be the most favorable to achieve the decoration you want and really need.

The Noguchi Table
Source: Furnish Plus

Leave Enough Free Space Around Your Noguchi Table

You don’t need to be an expert in decorating to achieve incredible results. It will be enough to refine your criteria and make the right decisions, based on what you really like. You can accompany your Noguchi table with a multi-layer mat. This is a tip that many professional interior decorators will probably not give you because although it’s a very popular idea among the general public, it’s not too applied by professionals. The technique is simply to add a large rug as a base, almost always a solid rug of a resistant material and a neutral color, and on it one or two more of regular size, with vibrant colors and artistic patterns.

While you’re inspired by making your new design for your living room, never forget that unused space is also a form of expression and a very important resource that directly influences functionality. The Noguchi table is generally chosen for minimalist spaces where “less is more” since this is a very typical characteristic of the Mid-Century Modern Style. In this sense, knowing how to manage free space is recognizing the aesthetic importance of emptiness or nothingness. Simplicity is defined by lines, points, and planes that, despite their simplicity, retain a shape, a structure, and a meaning. Disposing of unnecessary parts, which are not really fulfilling any function, is usually the most important step to achieve this.

Mirrors and Plants: a Perfect Company For Your Noguchi Table

Adding mirrors strategically is also a great way to bring out the aesthetic attributes of your layout, as mirrors can create the illusion of depth to make a space seem much wider than it really is. There are mirrors whose frames are amazingly aesthetic, capable of directly reflecting the decorative style of the place, even more so if you place them in highly visible spots where they are of great help. Additionally, the bright and reflective elements help enhance the vividness of the colors and reinforce the fresh atmosphere generated by natural light. Especially the crystals, like the tempered glass surface of your Noguchi table and the metallic accents, can provide a special collaboration.

Plants and terrariums are also a frequently forgotten or underrated natural resource. You can use small potted plants to decorate your Noguchi table, your sideboard, your bookcase, or create a shelf exclusively to place them, preferably at a spot where they receive a certain amount of sunlight during the day and where ventilation could favor them a lot. There are different types of plants from which you can choose for your composition. For this, you must pay special attention to the color scheme of your environment, the size of the plants, the amount of them you want to add, the places in which you are going to place them, and the relationship of these with the rest of the elements.

Noguchi Table Replica
Source: Fast Company

Choose Wisely The Furniture Pieces That Will Accompany Your Noguchi Table

One of the most typical functions of a coffee table is to serve users as the ideal support for placing drinks and snacks during a TV session. Commonly, you prefer to place your drinks and snacks on your Noguchi table while enjoying your favorite series and movies to relax in the evenings after a long work session. Choose an appropriate entertainment center for your TV, which makes a good match with the rest of the furniture pieces. There’s a wide range of sideboard options of different sizes, designs, materials, and styles available on the market. Choosing a piece of wood is usually a very convenient decision.

Between the decisions you make and the decoration ideas you decide to apply, remember that there will always be ways to adjust the budget, beyond the obvious ones. For example, in case you didn’t know, there are replicas of well-known designs that cost three or four times less than the original pieces. An example of this is the Noguchi table replica, which is available in versions such as Barcelona Designs, whose characteristics are surprisingly similar to those of the Herman Miller product. It’s made with first-class materials and with manufacturing methods that take into account the strictest quality controls.

Remember That Simplicity Will Always be a Resource In Your Favor

Not only can a Noguchi table reproduction be a feasible and appropriate option for you, but also any other way to keep your budget safe. A piece by itself won’t be responsible for highlighting your style, but also the rest of the elements with which you decide to accompany it. Remember that simplicity will always be a resource in your favor. Don’t think that all living rooms that look too elaborate are the ones that get the most credit. Spontaneity, freshness, and originality often stem from the simplest details and seemingly most negligible ideas.

Surprise your friends and family with one astonishing decor and leave an unforgettable impression on them that will become your personal brand and the spirit of your home.

Noguchi Table Reproduction
Source: Architonic